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Welcome to my weekly book review. This week, I had the privilege of reading Sally Cronin’s newest release!

From the Author:

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” Arthur Brisbane 1911.

An image offers an opportunity to see endless possibilities depending on the viewer’s perspective. Where some might see beauty and joy, others imagine sadness and loss of hope.

In this collection, images and syllabic poetry are brought together to tell a story based on the author’s perspective. The poetry explores our human experiences such as love, happiness, hope, aging, friendship, new beginnings, dreams, and loss.

The world around us is an amazing playground and source of all our essential needs as well as sensory experiences that bring wonder into our lives. What lies beyond the horizon? What surprises will we discover as a garden bursts into bloom? Where do the night creatures live?

At the end of the collection, there are some longer poems celebrating memories of the author’s life of travel, teenage exploits, and love of food!


Writer and blogger, (and I would add “POET” to that list), Sally Cronin, has compiled a stunning collection of syllabic and freestyle poetry in her newest book. Cronin says, “my intention was to share aspects of life and nature that we experience on a daily basis, but also can sometimes catch us by surprise.”

Through images and poetry, the author invites the reader along on a delightful journey filled with wonder and awe. Each piece begins with an image that delivers the first meaning. However, it is when you read the poetry that accompanies the photo that you discover a more meaningful interpretation from the combination of the two. Therein lies the surprise!

Nothing is mundane to this author. What looks like a bit of fishing gear washed up on a beach finds new meaning in the poem Washed Up, “where even the sea’s rejects provide us with beauty.”

Cronin explores the human condition with love, understanding, and humor. Some of my favorite verses were the rhyming prose poems that unfolded like stories sharing the author’s childhood memories growing up in Ceylon. Another favorite was called Farewell to Colourful Friends, which had me howling with laughter. All women of a certain age will completely understand.

Many thanks to the author for gifting me a pre-release copy of this book. I enjoyed the poetry so much; I had to share my thoughts with everyone.


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