Many thanks to Debby Gies for the fabulous review of Word Craft: Prose & Poetry. ❤

Word Craft: Prose & Poetry

D.G. Kaye wrote a lovely review for Word Craft: Prose & Poetry. I’d appreciate it if you stop by and read the rest of the review. Please share. Thank you.

My 5 Star Review:

If you’re a lover of poetry and are interested in learning how to write syllabic poetry, or even just as a reader to discover all that’s involved in writing in the various styles of syllabic poetry, this is the book for you. Yes, there are plenty of books written on the subject for sure, but this author has a gift of born ‘teaching’. Her tutorials on how to, as well as great direction in explanations and wonderful use of examples allow us to clearly see what the author is explaining.

Syllabic poetry encompasses various styles and syllabic counts with succinct descriptions, from both the English and Japanese style of writing Haiku. The author explains the differences…

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