I deleted my Facebook Author page today. I found little interaction there. For me, it’s better to connect with everyone on the blogs. I’m still on Facebook, so you can still find me. I’ll continue to share poetry and posts until I can’t anymore.

This article from Anne R. Allen: “Warning to Writers: You Won’t See This New Publishing Scam Coming,” reminded me of why I left Instagram. I was the victim of a cloned account and Instagram did nothing. To prove who I was, they wanted me to take a photo of myself holding my ID and send it to them! NO!! Not going to happen!

Facebook has no way of dealing with the issue of cloned accounts. Yet, they will be the first one to take down a piece of poetry or a blog post sharing someone’s journey without another thought. Facebook is good for one thing—connecting with friends, authors, and colleagues. The proliferation of paid ads turns me off. It’s just not my thing.

Often, I find I cannot comment or add posts in many of the groups, including the one I’m an admin of. It’s an on again, off again situation with no rhyme or reason to the timing. It is what it is…

I believe social media should be a tool to help us in the marketing of our books. If it doesn’t work anymore, move on and try another way to connect. For authors, marketing is necessary to get the word out about their books. But whatever you do, be safe.

I’ve decided that I’ll be writing more blog posts about my books, poetry, and short stories to help get the word out. I’m open to guest posts if anyone is interested. You can also find me here:

Twitter, @ColleenChesebro: Colleen Chesebro

Facebook: Personal: Colleen Chesebro

MeWe: Colleen Chesebro

Thanks everyone… be safe out there.

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