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I deleted my Facebook Author page today. I found little interaction there. For me, it’s better to connect with everyone on the blogs. I’m still on Facebook, so you can still find me. I’ll continue to share poetry and posts until I can’t anymore.

This article from Anne R. Allen: “Warning to Writers: You Won’t See This New Publishing Scam Coming,” reminded me of why I left Instagram. I was the victim of a cloned account and Instagram did nothing. To prove who I was, they wanted me to take a photo of myself holding my ID and send it to them! NO!! Not going to happen!

Facebook has no way of dealing with the issue of cloned accounts. Yet, they will be the first one to take down a piece of poetry or a blog post sharing someone’s journey without another thought. Facebook is good for one thing—connecting with friends, authors, and colleagues. The proliferation of paid ads turns me off. It’s just not my thing.

Often, I find I cannot comment or add posts in many of the groups, including the one I’m an admin of. It’s an on again, off again situation with no rhyme or reason to the timing. It is what it is…

I believe social media should be a tool to help us in the marketing of our books. If it doesn’t work anymore, move on and try another way to connect. For authors, marketing is necessary to get the word out about their books. But whatever you do, be safe.

I’ve decided that I’ll be writing more blog posts about my books, poetry, and short stories to help get the word out. I’m open to guest posts if anyone is interested. You can also find me here:

Twitter, @ColleenChesebro: Colleen Chesebro

Facebook: Personal: Colleen Chesebro

MeWe: Colleen Chesebro

Thanks everyone… be safe out there.

Word Craft: Prose & Poetry, wordcraftpoetry.com

Word Craft: Prose & Poetry Twitter: @SyllabicPoetry

46 thoughts on “Facebook Updates

    1. Liz, Anne toys with that idea in her article. Heck, WP used to send our posts there automatically (to our FB page). Half the time that doesn’t work anymore. Times have changed and the political arena of the last 6 years or so has tightened the reins on bloggers. Personally, I’ve never bought a book based on anything I see on FB. I always go to Amazon or the blog. Just my opinion, though. Others might have better luck. ❤

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  1. I’m much like you, Colleen. I have a personal/family facebook account, but I deleted my professional page a few weeks ago. I also deleted Linkedin and can’t remember when I last visited Instagram. I blog and keep in touch through author blogs and through Twitter. 💗

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    1. I’m thinking about getting rid of LinkedIn too. I’m not finding any value in these sites. The same folks share my posts and comment and all I do is thank them. I appreciate the thought, and that’s all that counts, I guess. Thanks for sharing that, Gwen. I feel better already. LOL! ❤


  2. I’m ambivalent about FB pages. I’ve found them less and less useful over the years as FB tries to ‘game’ everything for maximum profit. I suppose we can’t blame them, as they are a business, but it means there’s less and less reason for authors to put effort into the FB pages if they’re not seen. I love FB for the possibility of meaningful conversations – we can all jump in on a topic and have a good old time, whether we’re amusing each other or supporting each other. FB is wonderful for that. But I suppose that doesn’t pay FB’s rent…

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  3. Hi Colleen, my FB pages don’t do much for me either, but I do like the groups. I like to share to the groups we are both members of and I keep FB for that purpose and to stay in touch with friends. I use Instagram and Twitter and my blogs, but I put the most effort into my blogs. Oh, and I post to Goodreads.

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  4. I’m still hangin onto my facebook author page for now. Actually I just started using it again, when before I hadn’t been. I’ve seen cloned accounts and hate that can happen. I’d like to cut back on social media it does take up a lot of my time. Linkedin is one I’d like to get rid of, since I never go on it other than to share blogs once in a while. I enjoy Instagram because I take so many pictures and have combined it with my personal so I can keep up on family. Twitter is one I know we need and gets the most attention. I’m still trying to figure out why I have pinterest, but I do…lol.

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  5. I never was a FB fan. Hubby has an account to keep up with his family and a few business associates. I am on LinkedIn and only use it to keep up with a few friends. I was trolled on Instagram so I dumped it. Other than, WP, I have Twitter and Tumblr. Tumblr has fabulous themes but it is hard to build a following.

    WP themes are retired when they need to be updated, and often, I’ve seen retired WP themes return after they have been updated. WP is changing at a pace where some theme designers can’t keep up. If you are using a WP theme that works for you, stick with it.

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    1. I had trouble with my theme and had to change it, Franci. That’s when I found out all the premium themes are gone. Basically we use the free themes now and pay for CSS! However, some of the new themes are kind of cool with options for widgets within the theme itself through customization. If you can’t use the blocks, you are almost at a point where it will be hard to blog. I’ve never been a fan of FB. Glad to lose the page and the extra work! 🤣🧡

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      1. I haven’t tried any of the new themes where you build it yourself and I didn’t know there were options for widgets. I joined in one the discussions about prolonging the Classic editor until 2025. It was interesting to see the varying opinions, which most of the comments were not from the end user but techies, designers, etc.

        I agree that it will be hard to blog for those that don’t use blocks.

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      2. I’m still working on a theme for Word Craft. It’s hard to find what I want. I’ll get there. They have not left us much to work with, that’s for sure! I read the old editor is gone the end of this year. When WP 6.0 comes out there will be even more changes. Yikes! 😍🙏🏻

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      3. Yikes is right! I’m still trying to find the right fit for Eugi’s Causerie. Eugi’s Milieu is easy since it is all poetry and I lean toward a whimsical look for it. There are several themes that will fit. 😊

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      4. Yeah, I totally understand. I want to showcase poetry and the challenges. I really dislike all the gray shading in fonts for categories, tags, and widgets. Why can’t they understand that some folks have seeing issues? If you come across something that would work for me, let me know. You and are the blog gurus. LOL! 😀


  6. Thanks for sharing my blogpost on the new dangers facing us on FB author pages. I haven’t deleted mine yet, but I think I’ll do it soon. Just not worth the risks.

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    1. I also deleted LinkedIn. I’d been hacked on there once before and it just wasn’t worth the bother for the same three people to comment there every week. Lot’s of lurking on that site. I’m down to Twitter and my personal Facebook. The rest is on my blogs. No one has time for all of this. I appreciate your wisdom, Anne. Thanks for letting us know. 🍂🧡🍂


  7. There are so many platforms for authors to connect with readers and other authors, and sometimes it takes some trial and error to figure out what the best fit is. I find Twitter is hard to keep up with because tweets quickly disappear in the feeds (depending on how many people follow) so you have to Tweet more to maintain presence, which may lead to annoying followers.

    Since joining WordPress, I have connected with more people than any other platform.

    I’d be interested in doing a guest post.

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