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I’ve been exploring the Kindle Unlimited offers on Amazon, and I’ve not been disappointed! This has become an affordable way for me to feed my voracious book reading habit. For book reviewers like me, this is an excellent way to read books. It’s also a great way for authors to up their readership and still get compensated for the read. If you have your book available through Kindle Unlimited… thank you! Now, let me introduce you to four fantasy novels I absolutely loved! ❤

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From the Author:

“Forbidden Talents” Book 1


Celia has been trained to deal with any emergency–except being thrust into another world. Crisis management training hasn’t prepared her for meeting the Viking descendants of the lost Vinland colony, or coping with kidnapping, murder, and magic.

Lord Dahleven is preparing for war when he rescues a strange and beautiful woman in the drylands. Though he fears Celia may be Fey-marked, Dahleven can’t resist the powerful attraction he feels for her. But is Celia in league with the enemy, or will she provide the key to saving his people?

Alone and off-balance, Celia finds herself falling for Lord Dahleven. But dangerous forces are at work, and one of them is offering Celia a way home–for a price.

DANGEROUS TALENTS is Book 1 in the Vinlanders’ Saga, a fantasy romance adventure series inspired by Norse mythology and featuring the descendants of Viking warriors.

**Contains scenes of magic and sensual romance and is not appropriate for younger readers.**”


My Recommendation

If you love Viking lore, romance, elves, and fantasy worlds, this is one series you will not want to miss. The book introduces us to Celia, a 911 dispatcher from Tucson, AZ, who pays a visit to some local Native American petroglyphs. While there, she falls through a tear in reality, “bilfrost,” which becomes the rainbow bridge into another dimension where she meets up with a lost Viking tribe.

In this new world, each individual develops a magical talent, such as finding things, the power of persuasion, or the ability to read others empathically. Eventually, we discover a Native American tribe passed through the same gate centuries ago, a development that’s so original I had to keep reminding myself that this was a fantasy!

Robertson creates a magical world filled with good people, subject to the same frailties as all humans. There are power grabs and plenty of back story to keep you guessing at some of their motives. Celia, the heroine, is charming in everything she does. She’s a tough woman, not afraid to fight for what she believes in. Her story develops into a romance like no other.

I could not put this book down. As quickly as I read one book, I was on to the next. Each subsequent book in the series introduced me to more characters in the magical world of Alfheim, home of the Alfar, the magical Elves.

“Forbidden Talents,” Book 2


As the second son of the Kon of Nuvinland, and a priest of Baldur, Lord Ragni understands the demands of politics. He’s not surprised when his father arranges a marriage for him to the daughter of another Jarl. Unfortunately, Ragni has just fallen hard for Saeun.

Saeun never expected to fall in love with Lord Ragni, but what began as a casual dalliance with a ladies’ man blossomed into a deep passion. But her hopes for the future are dashed when her tools of forbidden magic are discovered.

Confronted with her crime, Ragni faces an agonizing choice between honor and love: enforce the law he’s sworn to uphold, or save Saeun.

And while the lovers’ hearts are breaking, their Tewakwe neighbors arrive, bringing news of a growing danger. An ancient evil is growing stronger, and threatens them all.”


My Recommendation:

In the second book, we delve deeper into the political factions within the Viking stronghold. Everyone has an agenda, it seems. Ragnar’s father arranged a marriage for him to the daughter of another Jarl. In the meantime, Ragni has fallen in love with Saeun. But Saeun practiced forbidden magic. When her secret’s revealed, she flees for her life. She ends up in the realm of the light elves where she learns the Dark Fey have unleashed a plot to kill the humans. If the people want to survive, they will have to come together to combat the dark forces to save their world.

This second book was as good, maybe even better than the first book! There are some great twists and turns throughout the plot that kept me wondering how it would all finish. The magical aspects of this adventure really stood out for me. The land of the Elves is pure magic!

Even better, this was a stand-alone storyline and didn’t rely on my having read the first book. The characters are captivating and the union formed between Ragni, Saeun, and his wife really made this book shine. Once again, the author relied on Viking mythology to propel the story forward. If you love Tolkien, this book will bring the magical world of the Elves to you. I couldn’t get enough. I was sad when the story ended.

“Debts,” Book 3

“Son of an Oathbreaker, Aren is desperate to restore his family’s honor, and leaps at the chance Lord Fender offers. His task seems simple enough for a Tracker: bring in a young woman accused of a vile crime. Simple, until his duty to the Jarl conflicts with a debt he owes to the Elves.

Fey-marked and friendless, Annikke flees the wrath of a vengeful lord. When Aren intercepts her, Annikke must choose: trust the handsome stranger who promises justice, or protect her daughter—and remain a fugitive forever.

DEBTS is Book Three in the Vinlanders’ Saga series. It follows DANGEROUS TALENTS and FORBIDDEN TALENTS, but can be enjoyed out of order.”


My Recommendation:

“Debts” is the third book in the Vinlanders series and introduces us to the healer Annike and her foster daughter. Some characters from the previous two books appear in this novel, which helps maintain the continuity of the series. The author closely linked the first two books by engaging many of the same characters in the plot. In this story, she brings us fresh faces and more magical talents. What a fabulous way of keeping a series interesting!

This novel read like a fairytale. Robertson skillfully handled the theme of juggling conflicting loyalties and repaying debts with these characters. Once you give your word, how do you fulfill your obligations? Family or honor? Survival or oath keeping? There’s great wisdom that applies to us as a society in the present.

Once again, the Elves are the stars of the stories. The world-building just keeps getting better and better. This book can standalone as a paranormal romance. I enjoyed it as much as the first two books.

Dark Winter’s Night,” Book 4


The folk of Nuvinland fear the mountain forests. They are the abode of Elves and not to be trespassed upon. Katrynna doesn’t always follow that rule—and her visits to the woods have not gone unnoticed.

When a mysterious stranger asks for Katrynna’s hand on behalf of his lord, she has her doubts. She’s never heard of the man, and why would a wealthy lord ask for her, a farmer’s daughter? But he offers a significant bride price and her sisters need dowries. For their sake she accepts. Then she learns she must marry by proxy. She won’t even meet her husband before the wedding night.

The victim of a devastating curse, Lord Taavin’s fate rests in the hands of the mortal woman he saw dancing in the forest. He has his doubts that a mere human can be trusted, but somehow he must overcome her fear of being Fey-marked and seduce her into falling in love—without using his magic.

His future—and his heart—depend on it.

Contains scenes of Even magic and sensual affection and may not be appropriate for younger readers.

Read all of the Vinlanders’ Saga:

“A great tale of adventure and romance, beautifully imagined and deeply engaging from beginning to end!” ~Diana Gabaldon, bestselling author of the Outlander series.”


My Recommendation:

This fourth book in the Vinlander series delves deeper into the world of the light Elves. The story reads like an adult fairytale. I loved it! The fourth book is also a standalone!

When the mysterious Erland shows up to convey Lord Taavin’s marriage proposal to Katryanna, it all seems too good to be true. The gold offered for her hand would lift her family out of poverty and create dowries for her two sisters.

Katryanna speculates the lord might be an elf, but she also feels indebted to help her family. By the same token, Lord Taavin needs Katryanna to trust and love him. The plot moves around the theme of a mortal woman tasked with saving her husband from his fate. This is the stuff fairytales are made of!

Be aware that there are some graphic sex scenes. The book is not suitable for kids or teens. However, I enjoyed the story. I’m sad the series has ended. Or has it?

This was a wonderful series that held my attention from start to finish. The mythology of the Vikings, the Native Americans, and the Elves all combine to create a world filled with magic, both good and bad. These stories will stay with me for a long time. ❤

Learn More About this Author

Frankie Robertson, an Amazon All-Star author, writes romantic fiction with an otherworldly twist. She is the author of the romantic fantasy series, Vinlanders’ Saga, and the urban fantasy/paranormal romance series, Celestial Affairs and Celestial Affairs: The Trust. She is also the author of the stand-alone paranormal romantic suspense novel, VEILED MIRROR.

As a reader, Frankie’s first love was science-fiction and fantasy, but then she discovered the romance genre. Now she enjoys blending the two. She brings a diverse background to her stories, including experience as an investigator with the Western Society for Paranormal Research.

In addition to her more fantasy oriented work, Frankie writes the erotic Victorian Secret Romance series as Francesca Rose.

Frankie lives with her husband in the desert southwest where they have a backyard that’s regularly visited by hawks, bobcats, lizards, and quail, while the coyotes sing to them from beyond the fence.

Keep up to date with Frankie’s new releases, special offers, and sales by signing up for her newsletter at https://frankierobertson.wordpress.com/ and get two free stories.

Blog: https://frankierobertson.wordpress.com


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