How to Submit to Author Spotlight: Guest Posts

fairies,myths& magic



Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post to be featured on My main objective is to help independent authors spread the word about their books. The best way to do this is to feature your writing talent on blogs that cater to readers, like mine.

Please be aware, I don’t do pre-publication promotions. Those do better on your personal blog. I’m looking for independently published authors.

However, I don’t want just any guest post.

I am looking for posts that are dedicated to the themes of fairies, myths, and magic.

fairy dust wand

I want you to show off your writing skills. Stretch your wings and step out of your comfort zone. It has been my experience that these types of posts help to sell books.

Be entertaining. Be creative. Show my readers what you got!

You need to put the post together so that all I have to do is copy it. I reserve the right to make punctuation and spelling changes if need be. Be professional. If you want to sell books and introduce people to your writing, you need to put your BEST foot forward in these posts.

You are more than welcome to talk about your book(s). In fact, I encourage it.

At the end of the post, I will be happy to include your author photo, links, and images of your books, along with an author bio.

If you have more than two books you want to feature, please compile all the book covers into one photo so that I can conserve image space on my blog. ❤


Please furnish this information to me in your email proposal. Don’t forget to include links to where readers can find you: blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and one other link of your choice.

If you wish to include photos on your post that is fine also. Make sure to give me the photo credits if it is not your own work.

Here are some links to Author Spotlight Posts that did well:

My Most Popular Post of 2017 featuring Author, D.G. Kaye

The Story of the Tokoloshe, by Robbie Cheadle

Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam, by Teagan Geneviene

Effrosyni Moschoudi, Messages From Above

Magical Healing Powers that We Possess, by Author, Balroop Singh

The Charcoal Nomads, by Richard Ankers

This is what I am looking for. The work must be your own and original. Please add a © to the post.

Please email your Author Spotlight-Guest Post proposals to me at for my consideration.

If your post is accepted, I will let you know when I have it scheduled. Please come back to the post and comment and interact with my readers. They may very well become your readers too, so don’t overlook a great opportunity to spread the word about your work. Be entertaining. This is your time to shine as a writer. ❤

Show me what you got! Thanks, and I’m looking forward to your presentations.

Alseid fairy




072017_1900_AuthorSpotl15.pngBye. I’m sending fairy hugs your way. ❤




  1. I would love an opportunity to talk about my fantasy novel Darx Circle, now at final proof stage. It has some African myth, a great deal of magic, and any number of fairies.


  2. Hi Colleen! I have a story I’d like to submit. It definitely fits nicely under the myth category but there are no fairies involved. I’ll email it to you and you can tell me if it’s what you’re looking for. 🙂

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  3. How did I miss this? Lol. I think because I follow your other blog too. I’m dizzy already lol. Thanks for your generosity sis. I’ll get something together and send it to you as soon as I can. ❤ xx

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  4. I just found your blog and love it. I’m a new follower! I’m a fairy/fantasy writer too. If you have time, you might enjoy my blog as well–it’s an allegorical blog about aging with silliness, high spirits and a lot of heart. Fairies are there too–including Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and The Tooth Fairy. 🙂 Cathi

    Liked by 1 person

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