Images of Home

Whenever I hear the word “home,” used in a sentence I find myself smiling.  There are so many ways to look at the meaning of the word.  Home is where the heart is, which is a popular rendering of the meaning rings truest to my heart.  Home is where my husband and I are at … Read more Images of Home

The Bus Stop

One of the great things about writing after you have retired is that you also have many great memories to share.  To go along with The Daily Post’s prompt for today: “What’s the best story someone else has recently told you (in person, preferably)? Share it with us, and feel free to embellish — that’s how good … Read more The Bus Stop

Pixel Prose Challenge–Autumn’s Midpoint

I love Sundays!  That means it is time for Amanda’s Pixel Prose Challenge.  Check out what Amanda’s challenge is all about here on her blog, “Unique Art Chic.” This week I am nostalgic about the end of summer and the progression toward mid-autumn.  In other words, it finally got COLD in Pensacola, Florida!  BRRRRRR… it … Read more Pixel Prose Challenge–Autumn’s Midpoint

An Attitude of Gratitude

I scanned this page from the November 2014 edition of the “Oprah Magazine,” p. 129, because it illustrates how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude that fits everyone.  I knew Colline, and her Gratitude Project were on to something when I found her blog, and Oprah backs up her findings. What am I grateful for … Read more An Attitude of Gratitude

Hurray for Team Pepper!

I am happy to announce that I am participating in my first NaBloPoMo with Mark Bialczak’s Team Pepper!  What is that, you ask? National Blog Posting Month is a fun way to jump-start your creativity.  The rules are simple – do a post on your blog each day in the month of November.  I have … Read more Hurray for Team Pepper!

SoCS–Past Recollections

Welcome to Stream of Consciousness Saturday!  Our prompt for this week from Linda, A Life in Progress, is “memory.” Memories come to me like snatches of old black and white movies replaying in my mind.  Interestingly, when I visit some of those memories from long ago, I find the edges are hazy and no longer … Read more SoCS–Past Recollections

The Spider’s Lair–A Halloween Poem and Scary Tale

My world is woven from a desire to create a reality. Silken threads intertwine and twist in the moisture laden air, all the while I wait and ponder the divinity I seek. * * * The darkness of the swamp engulfs and challenges this veracity. Bottle green leaves and vines encircle my retreat, drawing wisdom … Read more The Spider’s Lair–A Halloween Poem and Scary Tale

Happy Halloween!

Have a couple of adult beverages (or not) be safe, and enjoy the celebration of autumn and another successful harvest! Have fun Trick-or Treating!  Thanks for popping in! Silver Threading

Guest Blogging Buddies

Blogging 201 offers up an interesting challenge:  Today’s assignment: find a blogging buddy. If appropriate, plan to publish guest posts on one another’s blogs. In the last week I have published two guest posts on two different blogs: My first was called, “Living in Paradise,”  on Deanna’s blog, Talk About Beauty. My second was called, … Read more Guest Blogging Buddies

Words Crush Wednesday – Inspiration

Lisa, of Rebirth of Lisa is featuring a challenge called Words Crush Wednesday.  (I am late, many apologies)  Here is a quote to inspire us all to not give up!  Just keep writing! Thanks for stopping by to chat.  I look forward to seeing you all again! Silver Threading

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