True Grit

I love flash fiction, and this challenge has taught me to love the brevity of words even more. Enjoy! <3

Dishing Up Pasta

A great wrap-up of the Carrot Ranch crew writing 99-word stories about dishing up pasta! Enjoy. <3


A fabulous group of talented writers sharing stories about comets. Settle in and have a read. <3


Here’s the Carrot Ranch Literary Community Challenge Recap where we wrote about “buttons.” Have a read. This is some of the best flash fiction around – Don’t miss it! <3

Charisma of Cranes

I love the Carrot Ranch community. This challenge helps your writing grow. Check out these stories – 99 words. You’ve got time for that! <3

For the Bats

My favorite flash fiction writing challenge brings you tons of reading… Are you ready to go batty??

Sun Sillies

Fun Flash Fiction from the Carrot Ranch Literary Community. This week’s endeavor was to write about “Sun-Sillies!” Grab a cup and have a read. <3

Flying Fingers

An excellent collection of 99-word story gems from the participants of Carrot Ranch. Grab a beverage and have a read. <3 Learn more about the community here:

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