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The Polar Shift #Nonet, & #Speculative Fiction

Diana Peach, from Myths of the Mirror, is hosting a monthly speculative fiction writing challenge on her blog. She even said we could write poetry!! At the beginning of the month, she gives us an image to base our story or poetry on. That's it. Super simple and lots of fun! I even incorporated the… Continue reading The Polar Shift #Nonet, & #Speculative Fiction

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“Creativity,” A Shadorma

First, let me wish you all a Happy New Year, a happy new challenge, and a happy new week. It's the first of the month, so we get to choose our own words to write a poem. The first of the month challenge is the only one where we don't have to use synonyms, but… Continue reading “Creativity,” A Shadorma

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“The Triskele,” A Shadorma Poem

This week for my Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge I want to share a new poetry form called the Shadorma. You can learn about this form HERE. The Triskele Celtic crestpast, present, future,triple selfnumber threelife cycles that never endlife, death, and rebirth.© 2018 Colleen M. Chesebro The Triskele is an ancient Celtic symbol which represents the… Continue reading “The Triskele,” A Shadorma Poem

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“The Wild Hunt,” A Nonet Poem

This week, I'm adding another poetry format to Colleen's Weekly Poetry Challenge that is similar to the Etheree, except there are nine lines instead of ten. Everyone loves the Etheree, and I just couldn't wait till the beginning of the new year to add a similar form. ❤ Many thanks to Jane Dougherty for the… Continue reading “The Wild Hunt,” A Nonet Poem

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4th Halloween Poem Contest – And The Winners Are… | Writer’s Treasure Chest

I've had a fabulous week! The other day I received an email from Aurora Jean Alexander (Writer's Treasure Chest) announcing that I was a winner in her Fourth Annual Halloween Poetry Contest! I've included my poem, below: “Samhain’s Song” – Etheree, Double Etheree, Etheree  Glad children prepare for Trick-or-Treat fun, never really knowing the truth behind… Continue reading 4th Halloween Poem Contest – And The Winners Are… | Writer’s Treasure Chest

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“A Norse Halloween,” A #Tanka

I have been so busy that I couldn't find time to write a poem for my own poetry challenge for the last couple of weeks. Today, I vowed to find the time and I did! I used the word, "somber" for grave, and "reluctant" for afraid. A Norse Halloween Somber winternights— daylight wanes and the… Continue reading “A Norse Halloween,” A #Tanka

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“Goddesses Unite!” A Double Tanka

This week for my Tanka Tuesday Challenge, I've done something a little different. I'm participating in a Facebook Event called, Authors Against Domestic Violence, October 4, 2018, with D. G. Kaye, (Debby Gies) at 5:30 PM MST. Sharon Johnson is the event organizer. (All times listed are EST) Here's what she shares: Come join… Continue reading “Goddesses Unite!” A Double Tanka

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“Slip into Mabon,” An Etheree Poem

Here is my Etheree poem for this week's poetry challenge using the word "slip" for fall, and "endeavor" for the word, try. This poetry form is now part of the challenge. Slip Into Mabon Slip into Mabon and celebrate the rituals of the season by sharing food, counting one's hidden blessings, honoring the mother goddess,… Continue reading “Slip into Mabon,” An Etheree Poem