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The Faery Godmother

Excellent advice! Worth a read! <3 Continue reading

Ruminations of a Remembrancer: The Valley of the White Bear: No. 5 in my New Series of Mythmaker Posts

I have been reading about Lorinda Taylor’s Mythmaker Series. This is an amazing author and you will want to check out her blog even if it is on Blogger. You can follow her by subscribing to her newsletter which is found on her blog. <3 Source: Ruminations of a Remembrancer:… Continue reading

Samhain, Fairies, and Symbolism in Your Writing

With the Samhain (Halloween) celebration just around the corner, I wanted to gaze back into the past to see how this ancient festival evolved and became the holiday we celebrate today. Besides, if you write fairy fantasy, you’ll want to incorporate some of the ancient myths and other such symbolism… Continue reading

Elemental Beings

There are four elements in nature: fire, air, earth, and water. In fact, our ancient astrological signs are based on these four elements. The three fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The three air signs are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. The three earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. And… Continue reading

Photographer John Rutledge captures images of what appear to be fairies | Daily Mail Online

Check out these amazing photos and video of what may be actual fairies! I believe… DO YOU?  Click the highlighted link below to see for yourself. <3 John Rutledge, a rapper in the Welsh band also known as ‘GLC’, was walking in a field near Newbridge, Wales – and now… Continue reading

PROOF! The 1917 Fairy Photos

In my journey reading through fairy and nymph research for my book, The Heart Stone Chronicles – The Swamp Fairy, I discovered a fascinating story about a couple of young cousins, Elsie Wright (1900-88) and Frances Griffiths (1907-86) who lived in Cottingley, Yorkshire, England. All five photos are from an article… Continue reading

Dragons, aliens, bugs? Scientists may have solved the mystery of the desert’s ‘fairy circles’

The formation of fairy circles continues to confound scientists… now they “think” they have an answer. <3 The same scientific principle that causes zebra stripes and market economies may be behind these enigmatic circles in the desert sand. Source: Dragons, aliens, bugs? Scientists may have solved the mystery of the… Continue reading

FairySource | Your Source for All Things Faery

In case you see fairies like I do, just know you are not alone… <3 Your Source for All Things Faery Source: FairySource | Your Source for All Things Faery Continue reading

The LUCKY 777 Writing Challenge

Silver wins big with the 777 Writing Challenge! I have been tagged by Michelle Rene, of Book Cover Design and Illustration by Michelle Rene to participate in the 777 Writing Challenge. If you are looking for a book cover design or an illustrator for your book, you will want to… Continue reading