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What Can We Learn from Comments as #Bloggers Plus Tips! | D. G. Kaye, Writer

Learn how to write posts that appeal to all of your readers! From D. G. Kaye Writer: This edition of #BloggingTips is focused on White Space and Fonts for a smoother read. (P.S. I used the AddtoAny WordPress share button to “Press This” article) Source: What Can We Learn from… Continue reading

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Book Marketing – Setting up your Amazon Author Page by Sally Cronin

Setting up your Amazon Author Page by Sally Cronin is the kind of information ALL authors need to know. Check this out! <3 Continue reading

My Thoughts on Writing Political Poetry

Composing political poetry is one way a poet can weigh in and share their opinion on current events and politics around the world. These poems tend to critique or defend the social and political issues of the day. The Poetry Foundation.org shares: “Plato wanted to banish poets from his Republic… Continue reading

Re-Share: Punctuate to Impress with the Versatile Em dash! • Career Authors

Dash to editorial excellence using the multi-purpose em dash! Learn more by clicking the link below. <3 Source: Punctuate to Impress with the Versatile Em dash! • Career Authors Continue reading

Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Fabulous links to investigate provided by the amazing Staci Troilo. <3 Continue reading

7 Ways To Get More Readers To Your Blog

Hugh shares some great tips about blogging. I hope you hop over to his blog and say hello. <3 Continue reading

How to Deal with Writer’s Block by DG Kaye

Do you ever suffer from Writer’s BLOCK? Here are some great tips from Author, D. G. Kaye (aka Debby Gies). See if these tips help you power through toward success. Continue reading

Writer’s Tips: #Editing, #Formatting, #Bookdesign, helpful links

Author, and Sister of the Fey, D. G. Kaye (Debby Gies) shares some helpful tips and links for writers for book design, self-editing and repurposing our unused writing. Click the link to read more… Source: Writer’s Tips: #Editing, #Formatting, #Bookdesign, helpful links Continue reading

The Unspoken Communication Between a Writer & Their Draft Novel #AmWriting #Writer #Writing

Lucy Mitchell shares some “writing” symptoms writers experience with a draft manuscript. Sound familiar? LOL! Enjoy! <3 Continue reading

Loving Me A Giphy! #BloggingTips

Did you know that we can share GIFS from GIPHY.COM to our WordPress comments? I didn’t either, but thanks to Ritu, we can learn how. <3 PLUS: you can share in a post! It’s fairy magic!     Continue reading