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How to Use the New WordPress Editor & Microsoft Word Template for Blog Posts

Trying new things can be fun. I’ve written these instructions to help my fellow bloggers with instructions on how to use the blog post feature in Microsoft Word and how to use the new WordPress Editor. ❤ First, Here are my instructions for using the blog post template in Microsoft Word and importing into WordPress: I use Microsoft Office 2016.

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Filter words and phrases it’s best to avoid in writing fiction

Kathy Steinemann shares an excellent article about using writing filters, from Anne R. Allen’s blog… I always learn something valuable about writing from Anne’s blog. I printed this out to refer to. ❤ This article provides a list of writing filters, with practical examples of how to replace them. You’ll also find exercises that can double as story prompts. All

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Omniscient Narrator: How to Work with an Old-Fashioned Storytelling Voice – Marylee MacDonald Marylee MacDonald

I am a student of fiction writing. This is one of the best discussions about using an omniscient narrator I have seen. This is one of those blog posts you will want to read. Learning about writing is fun! This is one I will print out and refer to again and again. ❤ An omniscient narrator can tell the reader

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