Take A Walk!

Walking in nature every morning clears my brain for the day I will face ahead.  I am lucky to live in the country near Pensacola, Florida, where wide open spaces dominate!  This is a photo of the helicopter field behind our house where the U. S. Navy Helicopter Training students … Continue Reading Take A Walk!

I Will Write…

Almost Wordless Wednesday – found at  Linda G. Hill, “Life in Progress.”  Image and words from Kathy R. Jeffords, 2013.  

Try On Some Classics

(Image from the Harris County Public Library Facebook page 8/26/14) I love to read and it is a good thing because I spend hours reading all the excellent writing found here on WordPress.  At night before bed, I spend another hour or so reading again.  I used to watch television … Continue Reading Try On Some Classics

Parlor Maple Madness

        I am fascinated by the Parlor Maple “Thompsonii” (Abutilon Pictum ‘Thompsonii’) which is a tender evergreen shrub.  I planted this shrub in May and it has grown like crazy.  It will grow as tall as 8 feet in sun to part shade.  The light orange blooms … Continue Reading Parlor Maple Madness