When I started my blog about retirement I had no idea I was going to dedicate so much time to my garden and neglect my other hobbies.  However, it is as you say, “So much to do, so little time.” A busy week of writing, crocheting, and helping my husband recuperate from surgery led me to make some hard choices.  It appears that is how my spaghetti squash vine that flourished so well last week met its untimely demise this week.  After []

Bountiful Harvest

Spaghetti Squash Paradise  Some of my friends have asked me what I do with all the produce I grow in my garden… It’s simple – we eat it!  What we can’t eat, we share with family and neighbors.  Besides, one of the best reasons to garden is for the exercise.  Along with that goes the added benefit of eating lighter. For example, today I baked my spaghetti squash. I simply cut into the squash so it could release steam (so it won’t []


What to do when all the work is done in the garden? My gardens are progressing since the application of bark chips last week.  It seems to help maintain the moisture levels in the soil.  I have harvested a spaghetti squash, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and one zucchini!  Not bad for a bunch of seeds the grandbabies planted.  So, now I sit and wait for my harvest… what should I do next? I decided to try a small scale compost bin.  This is []


It has been a busy couple of weeks here in Pensacola, Florida with all the cleaning up after our major rain event where we received 26 inches of rain in one day! All of my garden areas survived and are thriving now! The temperatures are starting to climb, and soon we will be enveloped in the humidity of summer. The grandkids’ spaghetti squash are climbing up the weather vane in the center of the garden now. Every morning I am greeted with []

4/29 -30/14 NORTHWEST FLORIDA MAJOR RAIN EVENT: The Hundred Year Flood

Hi everyone. I have had a rough start to my blog this week because of the major rain event that we experienced in Pensacola, Florida and the surrounding areas in Alabama and Florida. We had a whopping 20-26 inches of rain in one day! The other storms that I have written about in my blog were nothing compared to this storm. It has been called the hundred year flood. The rain, thunder, and lightening, started about 4:00 p.m. on April 29th, 2014 []

Super Solid Granny Square

Originally posted on Joys Of Creating:
While blog surfing I came across a blog called ‘Sparkly Toad’. I was so happy to see that Julie has made a pattern for a solid granny square. I’ve always wanted one, but never found one. I was so excited about it that I spent the afternoon working with the pattern. Julie did quite a good job on the pattern, but I had a hard time getting round 4 to work out. I didn’t have enough…


4/22/14 Image from: Easter has now passed and the weather is heating up in Pensacola, Florida.  The time is right, as spring slowly slips from cool windy days, into moisture laden foggy mornings, into warm sunny afternoons.  Twice this weekend, at 1:00 a.m., I was awakened to the shrill callings of one of our resident mocking birds.  I am convinced that the moonlight bewitched him into thinking it was time to awaken.  Just like that irritating bird call so early in []


It happened again! Torrential rainfall, 50 mph winds, thunder, and lightening! We had thunder and lightning for at least 4 hours straight. Our backyard flooded from the rapid rainfall. My rain gauge showed 5 inches of rain from last night’s storm. Our newscaster said we received as much as 6 inches of rain! And, I was worried about my centipede grass getting enough water! At one point last night, I could see the water flooding over my patio. It was raining so []

Midweek Fizzle

Midweek Fizzle…   Another busy gardening day took place here in Pensacola, Florida this past weekend.  My grandchildren were around to help with the planting.  They were so excited to see the progress of the seeds they had planted.  Of course, rain was threatening again so we worked quickly and were able to get the job done before the thunder and lightning started. Asiatic lilies and spaghetti squash In the main garden area off the newly painted shed, I planted 2 Asiatic []


HAPPY APRIL to everyone! What a week I had! We painted our old shed and made it look brand new. It is not all the way finished yet but here are the stunning results: 4/1/14 Before view of shed 4/1/14 After view of shed… still a work in progress It seems like in Pensacola, Florida you are always up against the weather.  We applied two coats of an exterior semi gloss paint that is mildew resistant.  With the humidity here there is []

The Cleanup After the Storm

The Cleanup after the Storm The storm that hit Pensacola and the surrounding area on Friday and Saturday morning was a real soaker.  Thunder rumbled here in the wee hours, however I awakened to a brilliant blue sky.  Here in Northwestern Florida we got just shy of 3 ½ inches of rain!  Not a bad way to start the grass growing.     I cleaned up the backyard and surveyed the damage.  The tree hedge between our yard and the neighbor’s horse []

What Comes Next in the Garden?

IN THE MEANTIME… What do you do when the weather won’t let you out to play in your garden?  I woke up this morning to the sound of rain gently falling on my roof. The drain spout at the back corner of the house is near my bed. I could hear the rain and the drip, drip, dripping of the water through the gutter. Such bliss… I snuggled back into my comforter, even though I had other plans in the garden today. []

Gardening in Pensacola, Florida

The Preparation Hi friends. Today I want to share the beginning of my current gardening project in Pensacola, Florida. We moved here last spring and my first vegetable garden attempt was a total disaster. The heavy, cloying humidity, along with 5 inches of rain for a week turned my tomatoes into spindly bug covered sticks! There are many challenges to face in our Gulf Coast climate. One of the best places I have found to answer many of my questions is the []


Happy Spring to everyone, even though it does not appear to be spring yet in many parts of the United States. Here in Pensacola, Florida it has been a cold, rough winter. We had many cloudy, damp, cold days with winds coming out of the north, instead of the warm tropical winds from the south. I was able to grow a winter garden though and that was a fun endeavor. My cabbages, brocoli, and kale grew quite well in the protection of []