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The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy is Free on Amazon today and tomorrow to celebrate International Fairy Day!

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This is your chance to experience the magic of the fairy nymphs. Here is some insight into some of the ideas behind the symbolism in the story and my use of the number seven, rainbows, and ancient Greek Mythology that I sprinkled throughout the novel.

The number seven is significant in early folklore and Christianity. Seven was creatively used in many myths and fairy stories from our childhood. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is always the first fairy tale that comes to mind that used the number seven.

The Seed of Life,

Seven circles intertwine to form the symbol called “The Seed of Life.” The Seed of Life symbolizes the six days of creation. The central circle symbolizes the day of rest, giving us the number seven.

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Seven also stands for the seven colors of the rainbow. Isaac Newton classified the seven colors of the rainbow as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. (ROYGBIV).

The rainbow is a Christian symbol found in the Bible which has various meanings. Many believe that the rainbow is a symbol of God reminding us that we are never forgotten.

I chose to infer this meaning when my protagonist, Abby Forester, recognizes her mother as being part of the collective soul of the swamp fairy. The double rainbow is a rare weather phenomenon that I used to convey the message from Abby’s mother that she is always with her, not in person, but in her heart.

Just as the Christian meaning emphasizes God’s reminder that we are not forgotten, this same symbolism is implied when Abby sees the double rainbow and acknowledges that her mother is always with her. In this way, I hoped to inspire my readers to remember Abby’s story each time they see a rainbow and connect its meaning to their own family.

I took some literary freedoms by combining the fairy nymph clans into seven family units. Once again, the idea was to emphasize the number seven and for readers to relate to that symbolism. Here is how I classified the fairy nymph clans to refer to the seven colors of the rainbow:

Oread – Red: The Oread clan lives in the mountains.

Naiad – Green: The Naiad clan is found around bodies of water like springs and lakes, or swamps.

Dryad – Orange: The nymphs of the trees and forest are of the Dryad clan who inhabit the oak trees.

Hamadryad – Yellow: The Hamadryad live in many kinds of trees and die when the tree they inhabit dies.

Alseid – Violet: The Alseid clan inhabit the forests and meadows.

Meliae – Blue: The Meliae clans live deep within the ash trees that grow in ancient forests and fields.

Oceanid – Indigo: The sea-nymphs are from the Oceanid clan.

The use of the name, “fairy nymphs,” alludes to Greek Mythology where the nymphs were considered to be magical creatures. I called Rafe Cobb’s two Doberman Pinchers by the names of “Juno and Brutus,” to build on the links to Greek Mythology and reinforce that imagery in the story.

By using the symbols of Greek Mythology, the number seven, and the rainbow imagery in The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy, I created a way for my readers to connect to their own ancient belief systems. By incorporating these symbols, the story comes across as believable because these myths are taught to us from an early age. I also felt the symbolism helped Abby make her magical experiences more tangible to my readers. My hope is that Abby’s story will touch you and inspire in you a love of writing and magic.

Experience the magic! Get your copy today!

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Amazon’s New KDP Print Feature is Bad News for CreateSpace Users

Important information to read about Amazon & CreateSpace. ❤️

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The first news I heard about KDP Print was in an email from Amazon on February 15th. Since then, I’ve read articles, blog posts and comments about it and watched the praise given by Amazon for this service dwindle quickly.

In the email, Amazon announced they were making print book publishing easier for writers. They stated, “KDP prints your book on demand and subtracts your printing costs from your royalties, so you don’t have to pay any costs upfront or carry any inventory.”

That’s what CreateSpace does. Sort of. I believe CreateSpace takes the cost of the printing of the book from the sale price, then takes a cut of the royalties. Until I see the numbers and do the math, I am unsure which service will offer a better financial deal for authors.

The message also stated, “It also enables you to receive consolidated royalty payments for paperback and…

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Amazon Notifications Regarding Copyright

Important information from Nicholas Rossis about Amazon and copyright infringement notices… a must read for Authors!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Amazon | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Image:

Image this: You have the perfect campaign lined up, and are counting the days before you finally start paying off the cost of those ads.

Then, you receive an email from Amazon accusing you of copyright infringment. Your book has been taken down for now, until you prove it is, indeed, written by you.

This is what’s been happening to several authors, who have received the dreaded copyright notifications from Amazon. Specifically, they’ve received the following email:


We are writing to you regarding the following book(s):

Title:[book title]

During a quality assurance review of your catalog, we found content (text and/or images) that is widely available on the web. You can do an online search for the content inside your books to discover which sites are offering the content for free. Copyright is important to us – we want to make sure that no author or other copyright…

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#PoweredByIndie: Amazon’s Latest Indie Initiative

Nicholas Rossis shares a new hashtag that is worth checking out! 😀

Chris McMullen alerted me to a brand new Amazon initiative that aims at supporting Indie authors: the #PoweredByIndie hashtag. Amazon is encouraging indie authors to use the #PoweredByIndie hashtag…

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Introducing Lance Greenfield’s Coach Tours

Do you like to travel? I do too! How about some virtual tours where you can see the sights and meet new folks and learn about history along the way?

Meet Lance Greenfield and his delightful coach tours. Lance has taken us on a journey to the building of Stonehenge, to 1920’s New Orleans where we could enjoy the soulful sounds of jazz, to where we could watch the schooling of young Alexander the Great by Aristotle, and we were even able to spend time with the greatest inventor of all time, Archimedes, and yesterday we departed for the beginning of the nineteenth century in Vienna. We met Ludwig von Beethoven!”

If you get the itch to travel, head on over to Lance’s blog. You will find a delightful array of five erotic short stories published under the title When Pleasure Blooms through Amazon. In fact, Lance has written quite a few books. Here is the link to Lance’s author page on Amazon.


Author, Lance Greenfield

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Silver sends Lance good vibes

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More Information on Amazon’s New Payment Rules

Are you still confused about Amazon’s new payment rules for KDP Select?

If you are, here are some great resources for Indy authors to read to find clarification. This fabulous break down of all the new information about the new Amazon rules features our own Chris McMullen in this article from The Write

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Here is a link to Ali’s blog: Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!