The 3 C’s of Life – #BeWoW

Ron, from Ronovan Writes, ask us, “What does it mean to be ordinary?” According to the Encarta English Dictionary, if you are “ordinary” you are common, unremarkable, not special in any way. Ordinary makes us feel unnecessary. We are relegated to the back of the line. We become dysfunctional from our own mundane existence. We are dull, trite – average. An ordinary person is afraid to change. They do not want to make a choice or take a chance. They are content []

Writing 201-Poetry: Haiku

Sea foam waves ebbing – life’s sandy slate wiped sparkling, high tide changes all. This has been my haiku submission for the Daily Post’s poetry prompt of “water” for our first poetry class. Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to.  Find out more about the first poetry class sponsored by The Daily Post here.

RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #31 Wait&Move

Click here to find out more about Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge.  Thanks Ronovan for hosting such a great event. My Haiku this week is part of my Swamp Fairy story also, and links here. (Image credit: Heart Stone) Pause and look due north – as the heart stone reads your soul, change is uncertain. Thanks for visiting with me today.  I will see you again,

Pixel Prose Challenge–Sea Foam Waves

Amanda, from Unique Art Chic hosts this fabulous challenge every week.  Join in if you like.  I love the creativity in this challenge.  Pick your image, find the words from inside your heart and write the beauty that pours out from you! This week I am sharing a photo of the beach here in Pensacola.  A little sunny warmth to brighten your December day: Thanks for visiting me today.  I look forward to seeing each of you!

Autumn’s Last Gasp

Autumn breathes the last gasps of the season, as leaves of brown and gold drift from the treetops – a blanket of decaying warmth. Grey skies steal the color from the day, mourning the end of another time of year. The darkness envelopes and caresses lulling the earth to sleep, held in the cradle of the slough. Winter awaits. 2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved Thanks for stopping by to see me today. I always enjoy our visits.

Peace Through Kindness Each month, I ask myself, “How do I promote peace?” The topic of “world peace” seems so broad and intimidating.  It really does not have to be unless we let it seem so daunting that we are unable to grasp its true meaning.  Do not look at the broad picture only.  Keep carving the meaning of peace down until you have something that you can hold on to that helps you define what peace truly means to you. This month, I []