RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #46 Think & Fresh

Many thanks to Ronovan for sponsoring this fabulous haiku event each week. This week my entry is called, “Fresh Coffee.”

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I love seeing you all!

I am off to write about fairy magic! See you later.

Now, where is that coffee?


Coffee or Tea? Come Visit With ME!

Colleen and Eloise at coffee shop 2

My amazing friend Eloise, from Thoughts By Mello-Ello, has invited me to coffee so many times that I had to follow up and invite her, and all the rest of you, to join us in a good old fashioned cup of coffee or tea.  Here are Eloise and I right now, in the photo above, talking and enjoying our coffee.  Come on in!  Eloise is the author of a fabulous book called “Deception.”  Have you read it?

Our coffee shop has the best coffee around and also the best tea.  It is here that I come to enjoy a nice hot cup of P.G. Tips Tea, imported straight from England.  I add a bit of light almond milk and a pinch of Stevia.  Eloise is having a rich, smooth Colombian blend coffee with frothy cream on top.  How do you like your tea or coffee?  Get your cup, find a seat and join us, while we visit with all of you.

2015-02-17 10.55.52

Have you talked to Hugh lately?  He had a terrible time with a biscuit tin when he had company last week.  I wonder if they will give me the ginger biscuits?  I love them.  I did get a nice orange muffin for him to have with his coffee.  I know he loves oranges!

Oh look! Here comes Dorne.  I am glad she is feeling better and was able to get out for a visit.  Her sweet greyhound has taken to writing some of her posts when she is ill.  I wish Sugar and Spice would write some for me.  Well maybe not.  That could be a bad idea.  Dorne sat down with Alienora to talk about her new book.  I will visit with them later.

The team from Lit World Interviews just came in.  There is Ronovan, Jo, Olga, Peggy, Florence and Monica!  I wonder what interesting articles they have up their sleeves this week? Eloise and I were just discussing Jo’s article on how authors can create downloadable links to give away books to readers.  Author marketing is a big issue and this article gives some great tips.  They just saw me and waved!  I hope they enjoy the brownies.

Jade, the Mystic and Erika Kind are over at the table in the back.  I know Jade is asking Erika to list her top ten reasons for reading books.  Erika was just telling me the other day about her definition of soul mates.  I love to have long philosophical talks with Jade and Erika.  Erika has written a book also called, “I’m Free.”  I have this on my list of books I must read.

On the other side of the room, yes, look over there.  The dark haired guy with all the women surrounding him, is Rob from the V-Pub (Virtual Pub) which is for friends without borders.  Rob is a musician and shares some of the funniest stories about his experiences.  His Tid-bit Tuesdays are a great read.  It looks like he just received the Creative Blogger Award!  Cheers, Rob!

Yuliya, from Tiny Expats just came in to get coffee with her two adorable tiny expats.  I have to go and give them each a kiss and hug.  Yuliya sat down with Boetta and his parents (Our Rumbling Ocean), which is nice for the kids to be able to sit together and color pictures.  I ordered chocolate chip cookies and lots of napkins for all the kids.  Boetta’s folks have been working hard in the garden.  I know they will enjoy some time to sit and visit.

Irene, from Irene Designs ordered a coffee and is heading over to a table to sit down.  I asked her to bring some of her fabulous jewelry designs to share with all of us.  I have my eye on some turquoise jade earrings.  Mark Bialczak is heading over to sit with Irene.  Mark has been involved with the Photography 101 class and is sharing some photography tips with Irene.  Meredith got a cup of tea and a blueberry muffin.  She heard Irene and Mark talking about photography and decided to join them, as she is participating in a photo event too.

Coll and El

Colleen and Eloise have afternoon plans!

It was great seeing all of you and having coffee (or tea).  Eloise and I have an important meeting we have to attend to, so we are off to take care of business.  I hope you enjoyed meeting all of our friends.  I know you will love all of them, as much as we do!  Join in and host your own coffee or tea.  I can’t wait to see who you invite.

Until next time,

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Coffee with Hugh

As I was drinking my coffee this morning and catching up with all of my blogging friends at WordPress I found the most delightful post from my fellow blogger, Hugh of “Hugh’s Views and News at  Hugh is quite inventive and I always look forward to his posts.  Today’s was brilliant!!

Hugh said, “If you were having coffee…join your link to mine and over a coffee, tea or even a glass of wine, tell us about your last and next six months and what you would be asking.  If you don’t have your own blog, then you can tell us by leaving your comments on this post.”

What a great idea!

So Hugh, if you and I were having coffee I would have to say that my last 6 months have been busy.  My husband and I helped our daughter Amy, and her three children, our grandchildren to set up a new residence here in Pensacola, Florida.  Alas, after school was over the children decided to move back to Texas to live with their father.  Sometimes change is too hard.  Comfort is found in the familiar.  Although we miss them, we know that their moving was for the best right now.  Social media has made it easy to communicate with the kids as often as we like.

Gardening kids

Alexandria, Steven, and Savanna

In April we celebrated our first year living back in Florida.  The heat and humidity have been rough to get used to for me.  Nevertheless, I try to walk daily early in the morning.  I have experimented with various plants and have created several pleasant garden areas around our home.  I have learned a few things about the rainfall here in Pensacola, Florida.  The end of April we had a record 26 inch rainfall in a day!  It was like a hurricane without the wind.  There was damage to many of the roads in the area.  I do not remember the weather being this hot 30 years ago.  After all, I think our weather has changed drastically over that period.  You do not know what to expect.

4.29.14 rain fall

Our back yard at the start of the storm – April 29, 2014

One day in April I had an innocent conversation with my daughter Tabitha about doing a blog along the lines of what I did in college for my Environmental Biology class.  I set up a blog on Blogger to start.  The more I read and investigated which web host was the best, the more information I found that said WordPress was the way to go.  I jumped into WordPress and the blogosphere feet first.  I had a few things to learn about the website, but never one to be afraid of new things, I adapted well.  So here I am, writing up a storm every day!  I feel energized!  I was looking for a writing community to become part of my life and I have found it.  The many connections and challenges are making me a better writer!

2014-08-19 10.44.51

My creative room: blogging/book writing central

Hugh, I have found that deep down inside of me I do have what it takes to write that book that I dream of every night.  I feel like I have been enlightened by the wonderful interactions from other bloggers.  I feel right at home as if I found my calling – finally.  In the next 6 months I expect to work on this dream book.  In addition, I will continue to share my life and journey into retirement.  I feel full and content with life.

Autumn in Northwestern Florida is a pure joy.  The sea breezes return as the heat and humidity start to abate.  Suddenly, my neighbors will come out of their air-conditioned cocoons and experience life again.  I will see them walking now and be able to catch up on their lives from the summer.  The leaves will turn a brown color as the nights cool down.  The swamps that I walk to daily will begin to shed their leaves.  Naked trees will jut out from the green ooze at the bottom of the swamps.  The birds will begin to migrate and we will have visitors in the backyard.


The swamp – January 2014

Thank you Hugh for your wonderful company.  I look forward to many more of your coffee klatches.  In the meantime, keep posting your wonderful writing.  You touch many lives with your words.


Colleen from Silver Threading