EASY BBQ Chicken

My husband Ron, the BBQ Master – Corn in side pockets, tongs in the back pocket – drink in hand and chicken (or tri-tip, or pork tenderloin, or porterhouse steaks, or fish…) to barbecue! One of my husband’s favorite things to do is barbecue, and believe me he is a master at it.  Everyone has … Continue reading EASY BBQ Chicken

Banana Bread Extravaganza!

I swear I just bought those bananas a few days ago!  Nevertheless, there on my counter were bananas that were so ripe they had fallen from the stand they perch on.  Nothing left to do at this point, but make banana bread, my husband’s favorite. Now to be honest, I have a recipe from The … Continue reading Banana Bread Extravaganza!

JULY = HEAT & Cucumbers

It appears to me that this summer is hotter here in Pensacola, Florida than it was last year.  It could just be me, or the mood I am in; although it feels unbearable outside.  Happy July everyone! Since Saturday, I have mowed the grass, trimmed the bushes in the front yard, and tended to my … Continue reading JULY = HEAT & Cucumbers

Fruity Oatmeal

The summer heat and humidity have forced me inside today, so it is a NO GARDENING kind of day.  It is a bit overcast with a discernable heaviness in the air.  Thunderstorms are brewing far in the distance of the hazy sky.  Today being Sunday, I like to spend my time reading, writing, or even … Continue reading Fruity Oatmeal

Good For You Chocolate Muffins

It is quite the rainy day here in Pensacola, Florida, so I decided since there is no gardening to be done today, I would make up a batch of my Good for you Chocolate Muffins. I love to find recipes and try to figure out ways to save on the calorie count to fit into … Continue reading Good For You Chocolate Muffins

Bountiful Harvest

Spaghetti Squash Paradise  Some of my friends have asked me what I do with all the produce I grow in my garden… It’s simple – we eat it!  What we can’t eat, we share with family and neighbors.  Besides, one of the best reasons to garden is for the exercise.  Along with that goes the … Continue reading Bountiful Harvest