Up Close and Personal – Deep Pink Crepe Myrtle

The Daily Post Photo Challenge asks us to get up close and personal! It is a good thing I snapped these shots the other day. Since Friday, thunderstorms ripped through our neighborhood leaving only a few of these glorious blossoms remaining. The tree was buzzing with bee activity while I was photographing. I love the contrast … Continue reading Up Close and Personal – Deep Pink Crepe Myrtle

One Word Photo Challenge–Marsala

Marsala?  What color could that possibly be?  Marsala has been voted the Color of the Year for 2015!  Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo challenge picked a great color.  Find out about her challenge here. Marsala is also a wine, which goes with the deep reddish-brown coloring found in the photo above. This is as … Continue reading One Word Photo Challenge–Marsala