Saddle Up Saloon Double Ennead Challenge No. 3, Recap

I’ve found an amazing group of poets at Carrot where every third Monday of the month, I host the Double Ennead Challenge as a guest at the Saddle Up Saloon.

Follow the link to the challenge

What’s a double ennead? The Double Ennead comprises five lines with a syllable count of 6/5/11/6/5, (33 SYLLABLES per stanza) 3 STANZAS EACH = 99 SYLLABLES, NO MORE, NO LESS! Punctuation and rhyme schemes are optional and up to the poet.

This month, I asked the poets to play with end rhyme schemes. If that was something they weren’t into, I asked them to share a magical experience with their double Ennead poem.

Here are the poems from the April 19th, 2021 challenge:

(English quintain rhyme scheme of ABABB)

Life may fall to pieces,
Scene when curtains fall,
Creased pages that chronicle your life’s thesis
Tell a tale of downfall,
And none to enthrall.

Life’s lesson in a guise,
Little joys unnamed,
Laugh at the darkness before the bright sunrise
Spreading a cheer untamed,
Firing dreams unchained.

Life lets salty tears dance,
Swirled in its whirlwind,
Mired with its dust, sadness leaves you in a trance
Hope surges you unpinned,
Life’s joys unchagrined.

"Animal Magnetism?"

The neighbor’s dogs are not
The problem, though they
Pause, and bark; the boundary, they do not cross
The cat thinks he’s the boss
Of all that he sees

Twice the orange cat
Within the last two days,
Has left personal ‘presents’ of his presence
I return this ‘essence’
Of claim on my space

Once he offered a mouse;
A gift, not quite dead
Where did he find the little pure white creature?
Cat face, a smug feature,
Now he flees from me!

©Jules Pens Some Gems
"Comedy Poetry"

Comedy Poetry
may contain some pun
Like bears with computers .. hairy reasoners
These things can be fun
But beauty is lost

Beautiful poetry
Has great imagery
The sound of the creek to the rustle of leaves
I am loving the trees
Yawning through verses

Middle ground can be found
Great minds are employed
Laughter and solace filling stanza and verse
Are equally enjoyed
Till green monkeys sing

©Mr. Oh's Sideway View (left in comments)
"When the Night Disappears"

The songbird croons and hums
expressing an ache
for the waning night from the depth of her soul
as she glides to the hole
at the break of dawn.

The rose shrinks its petals
and clings close to leaves
holding on to the last traces of the night.
blushing at dawn’s bright light,
dew oozing to stem.

The boy pretends and squints,
hiding in his quilt,
eventually, he picks up his school bag
and adjusts his class tag,
walks the sunny path.


"Meaning of Peace"

Tiptoeing ‘round the house
at its most quiet,
everyone asleep during those lonely hours,
should have been peaceful, yet
it stirred emptiness

I have gnawing fears too
like everyone else,
getting older, the future, to name a few,
cramped thoughts that could cripple
giving no freedom

What does peace mean to me
has transformed with age,
lately it has been accepting weaknesses,
one day make peace with them
no longer a foe

©Nature Whispering
"Guardian Angel"

on that cloudy morning
almost time for school
the weatherman said possible rain  wind and
the temp was very cool
please put on your coats

I opened the door and
there perched on the gate
the whitest bird, a dove, a sign of spirit
the dove sat still and calm
my son climbed the grate

I took a quick photo 
the dove never moved
the wonder stayed with me, is this the angel
who protects? I approve
guardian angel

©Ruth Scribbles
The soul of the Chess board,
The unwitting Pawns
Unique arrangement will prevail or call quits.
In this battle of wits;
Overlook them not.

Unpredictable are,
Both Bishops and Knights,
Whilst stoic, Castles merely hold defence lines.
But, King’s capture defines;
The end of the game.

The expendable Pawn,
Powerless alone
Can excel when working as a team, that’s keen.
One may well become Queen;
The most potent piece.

©Laura McHarrie - The Hidden Edge
"Quirky Ideas"

Every once in a while,
Tis good to ad-lib,
To go with the flow, improvise, on the hoof.
With no burden of proof,
Ideas become.

Cast not at this first stage,
Doubt on the thinking,
As all proffers may have some validity.
Given lucidity,
Brilliance unveils.

When inspiration dries,
Feel free to critique,
Justify pros; credibility impeach.
Such is the life of each …
Quirky idea.

©Laura McHarrie - The Hidden Edge

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge. Writing poetry makes us better writers!

for writing great poetry!

I’ll be back at the Saloon, on Monday, May 117th! What are you waiting for? Join in and get your poetry on!

Saddle Up Saloon: Double Ennead Challenge No. 2, Recap

Hello everyone! I’ve found an amazing group of poets at Carrot where every third Monday of the month, I host the Double Ennead Challenge as a guest at the Saddle Up Saloon.

Follow the link to last month’s challenge.

What’s a double ennead? The Double Ennead comprises five lines with a syllable count of 6/5/11/6/5, (33 SYLLABLES per stanza) 3 STANZAS EACH = 99 SYLLABLES, NO MORE, NO LESS! Punctuation and rhyme schemes are optional and up to the poet.

This month, I asked the poets to use the theme of “spring” to compose their double ennead poem.

Here are the poems from the March 15th challenge:

"Spring Sprung"

Sol sat solo, silent,
in his melting cell,
hatching his plan to flee his hibernation,
bring Winter’s reign down and
turn freeze into free.

Summer would soon follow,
(he would scorch the earth)
but a more compelling task was now at hand,
bring life to seeming dead
seeds in fertile earth.

‘Arise the Thor of thaw.’
‘Freedom’ did he cry.
He rent the prison’s icy bars asunder,
re-leaved trees in green and
set the waters free.

Doug Jacquier

Pristine snow spring melted,
Now a bubbly froth,
A Cerulean cascade down lush valleys,
Pebbled symphonic waltz,
A welcome deluge.

Arid lands guzzled dry,
Pure manna sullied,
And guillotined by man’s endless avarice,
A limping stagnant slush,
Meeting Mother Sea

Lost in wide blue chiasm,
Defiled drops looked up,
Warmed under the blue canopy of white clouds,
They Rose to be purged clean,

The IndieShe

Turkeys scratch, hunger led
still sharp, winter’s edge,
where frost yet clings, in the face of coming spring
Sun days, trees pulse with sap
icy winds end that;

swirling squalls, freezing cold
reigning season, bold
winter rages defiant, violent bursts
Tireless sun adamant;
winter, worn, relents;

gritty wet, grainy snow
muddy patches show
at last warmth sustained; emerging shoots, ground gained
Turkeys scratch, hunger led
spring’s sprung; they’ll be fed

D. Avery
A Different Spring Cleaning?
(Airing Out the Attic)

Sprang quickly at the dawn
In winter’s last chill ~
They began stripping the old roofs’ shingles quick
Prepping for more repairs;
One; Fan removal

Two; some minor chimney
Pointing and three one
Replacement skylight; bangs and squeaks assault ears
I may sneak out to shop
For some quiet time

And while they’re up there
Hubby’s got a plan
To add insulation in the attic eaves
Where once heat was leaking ~
Happy when all’s done!

"SPRING 2021"

For one winter moment,
one brief twilight still,
the snowline draping the sills of the far peaks,
the chill, dark and troubling,
I worry for spring.

In the depth of its dark,
the veil of its night,
the slight season stirs, stretches the coming blush,
the grace of its entry,
a repose of rain.

Each season has its way,
Its own gift to give.
Spring proffers change, rebirth, earth sprouting anew,
a courtesan of hues,
a bountiful bliss.

Bill Engleson
"Laughter Can Move Mountains"

I put out the bird seed
But the Squirrels come
I am mad as I refill the feeder again
I see one lovely finch
It makes me happy

The squirrels soon comeback
Breaking the feeder
I must purchase a new squirrel proof feeder
I fill it with more seed
Darn tree rats eat it

My feeder stopped nothing
One bird have I seen
Returning to the store I buy something else
I sit with my new gun
And wait for squirrels

Mr. Oh's Sideways View (from comments)
"The Swamp" (Double Ennead for Donna)

Springtime is now in bloom.
Down in Jacksonville,
Buttonwood, black gum, cypress on full display,
with moss hanging, heirloom.
(Land of no good will.)

Sunlight settles, diffused.
Hear claws scrape on bark;
be they lizards on the prowl, or a swamp owl,
no missed step is excused.
(Don’t be caught past dark.)

This ain’t no tourist trap;
best be passing through.
Gator rules roost, prehistoric land seduced.
Is this place on a map?
(Being bait just won’t do.)

Michael Todd (2021) from comments
"Spring Forward"

honeybees busily
mingle with flowers
a menagerie of pink, white and blue blooms
reminders of springtime

and warm sunny days
the wintry days of life
a mindset chiller
yet seeing those first flowers raise our spirits
as we seek renewal
our thoughts flow humbly

golden nectar sweetened
by nature herself
as spring flowers pop out of their winter homes
their joy reaches our soul
sunshine fills our hearts

Eugis Milieu
"A Seasoned Fighter"

The leaves changing colors;
An incoming chill.
Nothing cold as the ice flowing through his veins.
Opening days of camp,
Peak at the right time.

While snow falls to the ground,
The gym’s windows steam.
The heavy bag’s softened with strikes like pistons.
He could do this all day,
Strength in stamina.

The freeze begins to thaw;
Springtime brings showtime.
Prizefighter pollinate the cage with violence.
His cardio proved king;
Off for summer fun!

MMA Storytime
"The Spring Music"

The earth gently opens
to show frail patterns
of leaves, green and purple, basking in their poise
before pulling back to
guard their sibling blooms.

Quails chatter in a calm
extinct birds’ language,
showing off their tanned wings to partners, hushing
at the delicious spray
of dew on their beaks.

Huge mountains and plains still
while oceans whisper,
as skies pour down, drenching tiny and huge lives
soaking the brownish sand
in colors of joy

"The Stirring"

It’s hard to be patient
While looking for growth,
After the dark, dismal, bareness in Winter,
When nothing germinates
And all seems shutdown.

As the sky lightens up
The warmth of the sun,
Encourages the very, first buds of Spring,
Green shoots stretch and poke through
And all seems hopeful.

Buds bloom into flowers
With tender respect,
Producing plentiful fruits throughout Summer,
Then, crops for the harvest
And … all seems at rest.

Laura McHarrie
"Spring On the Farm"

Notice the outside temp
Turn off the furnace
Lift up the windows, let the fresh air blow through
Hear the geese honking by
Snowbanks are all but gone

The fat sheep are lambing
Kid goats bound about
Spindly leg foals stick close to their mama’s side
Pollywogs will soon be
Swimming in the pond

The robins have returned
Goldfinches yellow
The rooster struts around his harem of hens
The calves bleat loneliness
Tis spring on the farm

Sue Spitulnik from comments
"Spring has Sprung"

looking out the window
I gazed in wonder
a carpet of blue stretching out beyond view
a blanket under trees

it took my breath away
this blue tapestry
trees standing tall, arms outstretched giving them shade
a fantasy playground 
on the other side

I could feel the magic
beauty, spellbinding
down on their level, were they hiding in there?
the fairies must be there
just not visible

Ruth Scribbles

Many thanks to everyone who took part in this challenge. Your creativity is inspiring! Writing poetry makes us better writers! As Rebecca Hussey says in the BookRiot article entitled, An English Professor’s Perspective on Hating Poetry:

“…Poetry is about experiencing language more than understanding it, it’s about playing with language rather than mastering it, it’s about creativity and expression rather than knowledge…” Hating Poetry

I’ll be back at the Saloon, on Monday, April 19th! Join in and get your syllabic poetry on!