How to Improve Your Writing Skills | Writing Forward

Grammar is so important in our writing. Make sure you are looking for the things in the list mentioned in this piece. Editing is what makes your novel or short story shine! Click the highlighted link below to read all about it! ❤ Better writing doesn’t happen overnight. By cultivating good habits and applying yourself […]

Where’s Silver?

Hi! I know, I haven’t been around much. I suppose you’re tired of not reading anything new or original from me in a while. So, here’s what I’ve been up to. Editing and rewriting, to be exact. The Heart Stone Chronicles have filled my days. I still can’t get over how Wendy Anne Darling’s Bookxeedo […]

Using -ing Words | The Editor’s Blog

I wish there was a magic wand I could wave to correct my grammar as I continue editing my novel. How about you? Read this comprehensive article about editing and how to fix some of your mistakes. This is a MUST-READ! ❤  There’s a lot of conflicting advice that tells writers to never use words […]

Editing is my LIFE!

My life consists of reading and writing, and re-writing words in the hopes of publishing my novel by this autumn… If you don’t see me around much, that is why. Writing is a journey… I did find some great editing tips, and I have shared them below: Image credit: Check out this article: FREE […]

» 5 Free & Cheap Editing Options for Your Manuscript

Some free editing options listed here… Jo Robinson at also does editing. P. C. Zick at is another author friend who does editing. ❤ Source: » 5 Free & Cheap Editing Options for Your Manuscript

This is the Hardest Part of Self-Publishing Your Book

As I am writing the final chapters of my first draft of my novel, I realize that I am only a third of the way there in my publishing journey… This is a great read! ❤ Think self-publishing is a breeze? Here’s the reality check you need. Source: This is the Hardest Part of Self-Publishing […]