Colleen’s 2018 #Book #Reviews – “Watching the Daisies,” by Author, Brigid P. Gallagher

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Title: Watching the Daisies (Life Lessons on the Importance of Slow)

Amazon Author Page: Brigid P. Gallagher

Publication Date: November 14, 2016

Formats: Paperback & Kindle

Genres: Religion & Spirituality, New Age Books, Self Help, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue



If you enjoyed “Eat, Pray, Love-You will love this travel memoir!”

Millions of people around the world suffer from fibromyalgia; the majority of them are women. As yet, there is no cure.

In this memoir, Brigid P. Gallagher shares her experiences on:

    • The busy life she followed before succumbing to this debilitating disease
    • Stopping and soul searching for answers to her vast array of symptoms
    • Entering a new life of SLOW
    • Drawing on her knowledge and experience as a Natural Medicines therapist, she seeks out therapies to aid her healing and integrates a variety of self help techniques and lifestyle changes. She also unearths a love of solo travel including Egypt, India, Rome, Lourdes, Carcassonne and Bali…

In 2006, she began a new career in Organic Horticulture eventually teaching part-time in schools. Although she has now retired from teaching, she continues to pursue her lifelong passion for gardening and watching the daisies.


“Watching the Daisies,” is an autobiographical, holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and to the artistry of learning how to slow down the pace of one’s life. It is also the awakening of a woman as she blossoms and finds her true calling in life.

An intuitive spiritualist, the author shares her journey from childhood through adulthood, meeting life’s obstacles head-on. Through trial and error and countless hardships, she learns how to cope with the debilitating illnesses, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis.

I found the author’s spiritual journey to be enlightening, and I grew excited at how she bent conventional religious borders to seek out new ways to heal her mind and body. Not only does she search for new approaches to healing, she becomes a practicing professional, teaching and sharing her gifts with others.

I was enthralled when Brigid revealed the gift of a sixth sense, where she can detect health or illness by the individual’s aura colors.

In addition, Brigid’s affinity for using the healing power of crystals, aromatherapy, reflexology, herbs, gardening, and feng shui lead the reader on a magnificent trip of discovery with the author as your personal guide. Brigid’s travels take her around the globe which she shares with a refreshing candidness.

This is a positive, uplifting book. After reading, anyone suffering from debilitating illnesses will find the courage to try alternative methods of healing as the author shares enough details for others to seek treatment.


Character Believability: 5
Flow and Pace: 5
Reader Engagement: 5
Reader Enrichment: 5
Reader Enjoyment: 5
Overall Rate: 5 out of 5 Fairies

5 fairies

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Author, Brigid P. Gallagher

About the Author:

“Brigid P. Gallagher aspired to become a doctor but God had other plans!

Instead, she spent thirteen years in the life assurance industry, before following her heart, and training in colour and crystal healing, aromatherapy, reflexology, nutritional medicine, flower essences, electro-crystal healing, radionics, and E.F.T or Emotional Freedom Technique.

She practiced and taught Natural Medicines for 20 years, facilitating classes for the Open Studies and Summer Schools of Stirling University from 1993 to 1999, and setting up the Scottish School of Holistic Healing.

In 1999, she relocated to Donegal, Ireland the home of her ancestors. Four years later, she succumbed to a mystery illness which was eventually diagnosed as fibromyalgia and possible rheumatoid arthritis.

Stopping the world for 2 years, forced Brigid to reassess her life. She retrained in Organic Horticulture and taught this subject in schools part-time until early 2016. Her garden was featured in the Donegal Garden Trail in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Brigid continues her lifelong passion for gardening, singing and writing in her new life of SLOW.

She has written articles for Sixty and Me, The Mighty and WomELLE magazine.”


How to Connect with the Author:

Blog: Watching the

TWITTER: @watchingthedai1

FACEBOOK: @watchingthedaisies


Smashing good timeThanks for stopping by to meet Brigid. I enjoyed “Watching the Daisies,” and I think you will too! ❤

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The Rebirth – A #Haibun

Welcome to my contribution to my Weekly #Poetry Challenge, where you can write your own Haiku, Tanka, or Haibun using the prompt words of fairy & magic, in honor of International Fairy Day, June 24th.

Remember, the best poetry has layers of meaning.

Image credit: Quotes About Poetry – Mark Nepo: Pinterest

“The Rebirth”

I waited. The break of day hovered near the edge of the mighty forest. Darkness rimmed the tree trunks and the heavy musk of decayed leaves hung in the air. In front of me, the pink tint of day’s first blush kissed the uppermost limbs of the trees bathing their leafy branches in a rosy glow. She was here. I sensed her presence. Before me, I glimpsed the powerful magic that spread like leafy tendrils through the trees. I bowed in reverence to the dawn of the day.

It was the creaking sound of the wind rattling the branches that alerted me. The dryad stretched her oaken boughs reaching for the spiritual warmth of the sun. Her trunk was etched with the lines of time. Yet, her beauty remained. The mighty oak tree and the dryad nymph were one, long ago forged by the power of Mother Gaia. I knew it was my time. Ancient memories flooded my senses and me, the tiny acorn, the fruit of the dryad, fell from my mother’s grasp to the darkness far below. My rebirth awaits.

Blooms heavy with dew –
stretch toward the rosy dawn,
spiritual bliss.
Fairy nymphs hover and flit,
spreading their magic for you.

© 2017 Colleen M. Chesebro

Grow some magic!

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I believe I am suffering from some writing burnout…

On Tuesday, May 10th, I finished writing the first draft of my first novel – 68,433 words! I am elated and also worn out. It has been a busy six months. Since November 2015, we moved from Florida to Colorado. In that time, I have read and reviewed approximately 30 books. I have written countless blog posts and even beta read a couple of novels for friends. Of course, this is all on top of the millions of other things we all accomplish in our day-to-day lives!

Writers burnout is a real thing. I know when the burnout sneaks up on me, I have to do something else. My motto is, “Step away from the computer!” (Although here I am writing a blog post!) On top of that, I have had spring fever. So yesterday, Ron and I had a marvelous day. It was a glorious 70+ degrees F. I even got a bit of a sunburn! Nothing like a red nose to make everyone smile! J

We mowed and edged our tiny lawn, front, and back. We placed our galvanized metal sheep troughs in the rocks in our back garden so that I could fill them with dirt. This is going to be the perfect environment for growing veggies.

1 foot deep, 6 foot long – sheep troughs

Drilling holes for Drainage

I put landscaping cloth in the bottom so the dirt wouldn’t drain out of the holes. I kept my grass clippings and mixed them in with the dirt, compost, and garden soil.

Filling the troughs

A great planter idea

I searched for an idea for months looking for an affordable planting area that could take the hot sun, the wind, and the snow and cold that is part of living in the Rocky Mountains. The best part of this is the metal will retain the heat of the day so my plant’s roots will be protected during the cool nights. I am excited! I have a yellow pear tomato, a cherry tomato, and an eggplant on the sunny window ledge of my dining room, waiting until it is warm enough to plant. Zucchini, cucumbers, and peppers can’t be far behind!

The only trouble is, now I am physically AND mentally worn out! I don’t really mind because how fabulous is it to be worn out from doing the things you love – writing and gardening?

I decided that I need a few days off. I will see you all on Monday! Book reviews will continue next week. I apologize for the delay! ❤ Hugs to you all and have a fabulous weekend.

Welcome to My Garden

It has been quite awhile since I have shown any pictures of my garden. Since it is Sunday, I thought I would share some of the beauty that is abundant in Pensacola, Florida.

Peach Hibiscus

Tropical Ginger

Strawberry Daylilies

Pink Hibiscus

There is fun stuff growing in this garden!

Thanks for stopping by, I will see you soon!

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Expressing Ourselves With Gardening

Gardening Grandbabies

This is one of my favorite photos of three of our Grandchildren.  Last spring, when they lived in Pensacola, Florida, we planted seeds together and grew our own vegetables at Nana’s house.  We started with tomatoes, cucumbers, spaghetti squash, kale, and even zucchini!  The kids and I kept a notebook listing all the seeds we planted.  We drew pictures of the different planting beds and wrote in the names of the plants planted in each area.

Each child picked a bush.  Alexandria picked the delicate pink Azalea.  Steven picked the orange-blossomed Parlor Maple, while Savanna chose the peach-colored hibiscus.  They dug the holes and planted their own bushes. I assisted, but tried to let them do most of the work themselves.  My thought process was that if they tried gardening now, they might try it again when they are older.

4.1.14 azalea blooming   Alex’s Azalea

2014-08-21 09.50.37Steven’s Parlor Maple

     2014-06-08 10.04.37

Savanna’s Hibiscus

We found out that Savanna and Steven like to garden.  Alexandria did not, instead she enjoyed taking pictures of all of us doing the work.  The idea was to get them interested in something other than video games.  It seemed to work.  Every other weekend the kids visited and tended to the weeds and the watering for that weekend.  Today, their bushes are still growing, awaiting the return of spring.

This photo is part of the The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge.  This week, we were to “express ourselves,” in any way we wished.  I can truly say that I love digging, and playing in the dirt, and growing things, almost as much as I love writing.  Since the Grandchildren have moved away from Pensacola, I wonder if the Swamp Fairy (follow the stories at the link) will help me tend my garden this year?

Thanks for popping in to see what I am up too.  I look forward to seeing you all again!

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Looking AHEAD to 2015

As 2014 winds down I find that I do not want to look back at the past year at all.  Instead, I want to forge ahead with bigger and better things!  I love the freshness that comes with starting a new year.  I have my brand new blog calendar which I already started using.  I am a planner or maybe I should say a chronicler.  I like to write down what I have posted and when.  I feel like it grounds me.  In fact, I write down all sorts of things on my calendar.  Appointments, when I upgraded my cable, when I ordered something, and even what I planted in the garden and when.  I know this attention to detail is part of who I am so I just deal with it.  All this detail has saved me many times in my life.

2014-12-29 14.38.36

I have big plans this year.  The Swamp Fairy (blog and book writing) will occupy a good portion of my time.  I am excited to write my first novel.  I always wanted to write a children’s book for older kids and this story really speaks to me.  The Swamp Fairy is going to take us through time and history.  It promises to be fun reading.  My daughter Tabitha, will be doing the illustrations for the book.  It is so fulfilling to work with my oldest daughter on a project we both love – even though we are cross-country, as she is in California and I am in Florida.  I think all those wonderful stories I read to her as a child really rubbed off!

a-tiny-flight gif fairy

I am looking forward to continuing Writer’s Quote Wednesday, where we showcase our photographic and writing talent by making up our own quotes, or sharing quotes from our favorite authors.  This year I want to get more in-depth with the quote and the author, by adding names of books, poetry, and music to the mix.

Believe it or not, a quote from a piece of music is just as inspiring as a quote that you read.  So, be ready to participate with videos and words, photos, and any other media you can come up with.  I would love to hear some quotes spoken…ohhh voice threads!  I will have to learn how to do that!

Writer's Quote Wed 2015

I love being part of my friend Ronovan’s Lit World Interviews where I write book reviews to share the works of some great writer’s we have here on WordPress and in the world.  Book reviews are a necessary part of the world today.  This is how many independent authors are able to reach out to readers and introduce them to their work.  Read a book and write a review, be it on Amazon, Goodreads, anywhere you can.  Tell what you think with constructive criticism and be nice!  Frankly, I have only read a few bad books out there.  Reading is money and time well spent.  Support authors and read!

I have many other ideas rolling around in my brain, so stay tuned…

One last thing – I do have to share photos of my winter garden.  Not many places you can live allow the luxury of growing any vegetables in the winter.  I have the perfect spot here in Pensacola, Florida.

2014-12-25 13.52.02

Taken on Christmas day, broccoli and cabbage in my small shed garden.

2014-12-25 13.30.53

A nice cabbage is starting to form.

2014-12-25 13.30.22

Broccoli.  Did you know that you can eat the leaves too?  Tastes like broccoli!

2014-12-25 13.30.40

More cabbages and broccoli.

There are many great things ahead for all of us in 2015!  Happy New Year and I look forward to spending another great year with my old and new friends.  Thank you for all the great support and confidence you have passed on to me in 2014.  I am sending my best wishes for a happy and successful year to all of you in whatever you do!  Bring it on 2015!

Happy NY 2015

Peace & Joy

Thank you for taking this journey with me.  Merry Christmas to everyone.  ~Colleen, from Silver Threading~

Peace and Joy

I will be taking a few days off for the holiday.  See you Saturday, December 27, 2014.

I AM Grateful For… A Job Finished

Gratitude Sunday

Colline’s Blog  asks:  What have you been grateful for this week? 

Colline says, “Join me and share something that you have been grateful for in the past week. Link up with my post and feel free to use the badge my daughter created.”

This week I am grateful for the small things.  We finally got the landscaping and irrigation system project completed at our house.  It was a long two week stretch.  Dealing with the contractor ( I should say his workmen) was quite a process.  90 degree temperatures made it hard to work in the Pensacola, Florida clay!

Irrigation mess everywhere!

The dusty pink Crepe Myrtle was planted out front of our house.  The lacy leaved Japanese Maple was planted beside the garage.  The sod was laid covering up the area that used to be a planter.  River rock was strewn in the front gardens where the Gardenia bushes were planted, filling up the area.

2014-09-15 08.50.37

This morning I finished scattering grass seed on top of all the trenches left from installing the sprinklers.  Then, I spread dirt over the top of the seed so that it could have a chance to grow lovely green grass every where.

2014-09-15 08.51.37

2014-09-15 08.51.14

2014-09-15 08.51.19

2014-09-15 08.51.08

I am THANKFUL the mess is gone and I have more time for blogging and writing!  ❤

Thanks for your visit.  Glad you could stop by.

Silver Threading

Parlor Maple Madness


2014-08-19 10.05.48


2014-08-21 09.50.04


2014-08-21 09.50.37


2014-08-21 14.06.49

I am fascinated by the Parlor Maple “Thompsonii” (Abutilon Pictum ‘Thompsonii’) which is a tender evergreen shrub.  I planted this shrub in May and it has grown like crazy.  It will grow as tall as 8 feet in sun to part shade.  The light orange blooms striped with dark orange are just starting to appear.

I did find a great website called “About Home” at that will tell you all about this wonderful shrub.  We are in zone 8 here in Pensacola, Florida so I might have to cover this plant when temperatures fall.  Enjoy!