An Essay on the Importance of Halloween in American Society

Halloween has become one of the most celebrated retail holidays in our American culture although the roots of the holiday are shrouded in religious beliefs that have survived from the beginning of time. Think of Halloween and visions of costumes, jack-o-lanterns and candy appear. Lots of candy! But the earliest celebrations of Halloween symbolize the … Continue reading An Essay on the Importance of Halloween in American Society

Gratitude Sunday–Holidays

As part of Colline’s Gratitude Project, I would like to say how thankful I am for holidays.  Halloween is just around the corner and I dearly miss the days when my children were still home getting ready for Trick-or-Treat.  I loved carving pumpkins and all the fuss that came at that time of the year. … Continue reading Gratitude Sunday–Holidays

Pixel Prose Challenge: The Weeping Lady

The time of darkness is almost upon us, as swirling fog, damp with moisture clings to deep black silhouettes of trees starkly lit by the greyness of the evening sky. Night birds scatter – inky shadows flitting about nearing the barren edges of the slough, as falling leaves shower the grasses stirring in the cool … Continue reading Pixel Prose Challenge: The Weeping Lady

The Agreement

With the approach of Halloween just around the corner, I could not resist having some fun with Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge for this week using the words: Promise and Gift.  I used to work for attorneys, so I feel qualified to give a dig to the profession. ❤ I created this Haiku using Picmonkey and … Continue reading The Agreement

Weekly Haiku Prompt 12 – Study & Creature

(Image Credit: Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge and my Blogging 101 Class are combining for me today. Mary Shelley is one of my favorite authors and I wanted to honor her and the month of October with this creation! Badge provided by DazzlingWhimsy. Thanks for your visit today.  I know I will see you again! … Continue reading Weekly Haiku Prompt 12 – Study & Creature

Autumn Musings

I see it is that time of year again – Fall, Autumn… pumpkin everything!  Everywhere I go all I see is preparations for holiday celebrations.  Facebook and Pintrest make me gain weight every time I glance at their luscious recipes for cookies, cakes and donuts.  Yes, Halloween donuts.  Apparently hosting a Halloween donut decorating party … Continue reading Autumn Musings