The Swamp Fairy–Dreams

Ever since last Saturday, December 6th, when the Full Cold Moon appeared along with the Swamp Fairy finally making contact with me (you can read about that here and find all the stories on my menu), I have been having strange dreams. Vivid images of Fairy Swamp that I cannot explain. That night, which now … Read more The Swamp Fairy–Dreams

The Swamp Fairy–Meeting Hilda McFarland

I awoke this morning to a dull, grey day.  It was no matter, because today I was to meet with Hilda McFarland to find out more about the swamp fairy I saw yesterday morning on my walk.  (If you don’t remember what happened you can click here to refresh your memory). I snuggled down into … Read more The Swamp Fairy–Meeting Hilda McFarland

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