Writer’s Quote Wednesday Weekly Wrap-up for 12/10/14

Welcome to the WRITER’S QUOTE WEDNESDAY Weekly Wrap-Up where our writers showcase their hard work from the previous week – and here it is.  TOMORROW, I will post the prompt for the new week starting 12/17/14.  Please do not link to this post.  Link to the new prompt on Wednesday,… Continue reading

Gratitude Sunday–Patience, a Great Virtue

Today is the day that I like to remind myself of the many things I am grateful for.  I participate in Colline’s Gratitude Project.  You can participate too! My gratitude this week goes to anyone and everyone who is patient.  Patience is a virtue that few people seem to cultivate… Continue reading

Pixel Prose Challenge–A Foggy Sunrise

Amanda, of Unique Art Chic, sponsors a Pixel Prose Challenge each week where you can wield your creative images and words together to make something magical! This week shows that I am obsessed with the fog and the interesting images that come out of it. Living in the deep South… Continue reading

Warm Hands = Warm Hearts

I was rather pleased to read recently that several medical studies now confirm what many of us already know: holding a warm beverage in our hands causes us to feel closer and more agreeable toward others.  Interestingly, if the liquid is room temperature, the feelings cease. (Image Credit:  Warm Hands… Continue reading

An Attitude of Gratitude

I scanned this page from the November 2014 edition of the “Oprah Magazine,” p. 129, because it illustrates how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude that fits everyone.  I knew Colline, and her Gratitude Project were on to something when I found her blog, and Oprah backs up her findings…. Continue reading

Autumn Musings

I see it is that time of year again – Fall, Autumn… pumpkin everything!  Everywhere I go all I see is preparations for holiday celebrations.  Facebook and Pintrest make me gain weight every time I glance at their luscious recipes for cookies, cakes and donuts.  Yes, Halloween donuts.  Apparently hosting… Continue reading

Independence Day Honor

  THE fourth of July SACRIFICES made for many HONOR veterans all! Continue reading