Save Fairy Swamp!

I would sure like to be lying on the beach today… if it was warm that is.  Our warm temperatures turned quite cold as another cold front swept through our area today.  I am worn out!  We are now at the last of the painting with only the living room… Continue reading

In the Shadows

I love the way images look in shadows.  The depth of the shadow sets the mood for the shot and can convey many feelings with the placement of light.  I enjoy sharing my photos of Pensacola, Florida – the world where I live. I love the deep shading on the… Continue reading

The Horse Hole–A Halloween Tale

  The sun slowly slipped behind the trees leaving a warm glow to the field. Night birds scattered in the branches of the trees while insects droned on in monotony. The air felt cooler now. Ground fog swirled around the grasses casting eerie shadows on the ground. The evening gloom… Continue reading

The Neighbors

Sugar and Spice are taking naps right now…  I had to sneak into my creative room to post these pictures of the neighbors for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge this week. This is Paco and Poncho, the horses that live right behind our house.  They are frequent visitors and are always… Continue reading