One Word Photo Challenge – “HOT”

Check out Jennifer Nichol Wells' blog to see what this challenge is all about! THEN – Join in! How about a little 'surf and turf' on the old barbecue grill to conjure up images of "hot?" Can't you just hear the sizzle and smell the fragrant smoke? The heat radiates toward you in waves… Is … Continue reading One Word Photo Challenge – “HOT”

One Word Photo Challenge–Melon

Jennifer Nichol Wells and I are loving the One Word Photo Challenge with the color this week: melon!  Spring has finally arrived in Florida! Melon This melon color is a tab more pink than we normally think of a melon color, although I do have an azalea that is close to this color. My grand-daughter … Continue reading One Word Photo Challenge–Melon

One Word Photo Challenge–Lemon

Jennifer Nichol Wells,  “One Word Photo Challenge” color for this week is “lemon.” Here are some yellow daisies from my garden this summer to brighten up your pre Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks for stopping by. I will see you all again soon. Silver Threading