Fairy Swamp–A Morning Reward

I love Fairy Swamp, which is located not far from where I live.  I caught this photo early in the morning with the sum streaming through the naked trees highlighting the murky green water below.  The sun never makes into the swamp during the other seasons of the year because the leaves on the trees … Read more Fairy Swamp–A Morning Reward

One Word Photo Challenge–PINE

Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo challenge this week made me happy because it is still green here in Florida and I can come up with pictures of the color “pine.” Woo Hoo! Here are a few pictures of “real” Montana Pine trees.  Notice the color.  It is not a deep dark green that we … Read more One Word Photo Challenge–PINE

The Swamp Fairy–Meeting Hilda McFarland

I awoke this morning to a dull, grey day.  It was no matter, because today I was to meet with Hilda McFarland to find out more about the swamp fairy I saw yesterday morning on my walk.  (If you don’t remember what happened you can click here to refresh your memory). I snuggled down into … Read more The Swamp Fairy–Meeting Hilda McFarland

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