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Florida COLD

     Hope-the Happy Hugger, sponsors Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge each week.  Join in the fun!  How does your pet or animals in your area cope with extreme temperatures (hot or cold)? Sugar and Spice are fed up with the cold!  Last night, cold north winds barreled into Pensacola, FL with… Continue reading

A New Neighbor

I was so excited yesterday when our new neighbor showed up looking  at us through the now infamous, “Horse-Hole.”  He is a black pony that the neighbors recently acquired. He was eager to eat some of the carrots that the other two horses get and finally stuck his head over… Continue reading

Sugar and Spice in Montana

  This is a picture of Spice and Sugar when we lived in Montana.  They are Pomeranians and I wanted to show them with their full coats.  We keep them trimmed living here in Florida for the obvious reasons… too hot for all that fur!  Last week some folks were… Continue reading

Sugar & Spice Say…

Sugar says, “My Mom was late posting pictures for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge so this is what I thought about that!” Spice said, “Leave me Alone!” “I just want to sleep after that grooming session.” “It’s hard being beautiful!” Sugar and Spice think Mom is spending too much time in… Continue reading

A Long Week

Spice had to take a break. Supervising is hard work! Sugar had a hard time with all of those trenches!   What happened to all the grass?  Clink on the link to learn more about Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge <3 It was an exhausting week for Sugar and Spice.  Irrigation lines… Continue reading

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Joining in on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge” is really easy. Simply do a blog post, with a pet (yours or anyone else’s) or an animal. Add the challenge logo. Drop your link to the “Mister Linky widget” on my sidebar. The challenge runs weekly. Tuesday to Tuesday. There are no… Continue reading