A New Beginning

My goal this year is to write some flash fiction each week. New Year – New Goals. If you would like to join my friend Melissa Barker-Simpson on Featured Fiction, here are the rules! Grab the badge. Write a post based on the prompt. Create a pingback to this page, or leave your link in … Continue reading A New Beginning

The First Post Challenge

My dear friend Erika, from her blog, Author Erika Kind, has asked me to take part in this challenge by sharing my first blog post. This actually is a great idea because it shows how we have evolved with our blogs over time. I had no idea where I was headed with my blog when … Continue reading The First Post Challenge

A “New” Beginning for Fairy Swamp

In the grey light of morning, Fairy Swamp readies for the new year with minuscule water reserves – the life blood of the swamp.  Green leaves poke out from branches nourished from the winter rains.  Trees glare with a whiteness, as their ghostly images reflect in the calm standing pools of water. Green kudzu vines … Continue reading A “New” Beginning for Fairy Swamp

The Swamp Fairy–The Winter Celebration

I did not know what to think after I got the invitation from the Swamp Fairy requesting my appearance at the fairy ring in my backyard at the exact moment of the Winter Solstice.  I could not believe my eyes, yet the invitation and the fairy ring were still there glittering in my backyard hours … Continue reading The Swamp Fairy–The Winter Celebration