One Word Photo Challenge – Tsunami

Jennifer Nichole Wells shares her challenge with us each week. We do not have to share an image of the actual weather event, instead we can share something that conjures the image of what a tsunami represents to us.

This is a photo from April 29, 2014 when we received approximately 20+ inches of rain in a 24-hour period. This was just the start of the storm. It was estimated that we were receiving 5 inches an hour for the most intense part of the storm. Many of the streets in Pensacola were flooded and untold damage occurred from the excessive rain. I know it was not a hurricane or even a tsunami, but it sure felt like one!

This was the most intense storm I have ever experienced. The wind drove hard pellets of rain at our windows, and the lightning was non-stop for hours. It was impossible to sleep as the thunder created enough noise for multiple storms.

This is a photo that my daughter took of the road she traveled to work when she lived in Pensacola. Many of the roads were washed out and travel was difficult for a week after the heavy rainfall.

It took just about a full year for the damage to be repaired in various parts of town. We are high up on our street and had minimal damage, and then, only to our backyard.

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One Word Photo Challenge – WET

Jennifer Nichol Wells challenge word this week is wet!

Silver hates walking in the rain. It makes her hair frizzy!

We had a raging storm this morning. The wind was blowing, the rain was pounding, the thunder boomed, and the lightning flashed! It was WET!

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One Word Photo Challenge – “Storm,” and “Clouds”

The lovely Jennifer Nichole Wells word for this week was “clouds.” I missed last week’s challenge which was “storm.” I am going to use both words this week in my epic photo/fiction event.

The Gulf of Mexico was balmy. Heat radiated from the reflection of the sun on the waves. Wispy clouds promised a hint of possible storms in the late afternoon when the humidity would climb to a crescendo of weather-related events. Every afternoon it was the same. It always rained during the summer. It was a daily release of built up tension caused by the sea and the sun.

seagrass waved in the gentle breeze while sea turns drilled their beaks into the warm, wet sand looking for tiny crustaceans beneath the surface of the lightly breaking waves. The birds scuttled along the beach leaving tiny bird feet etchings in the sand.

The man and woman walked along the beach, hand in hand, oblivious to the heat of the day, laughing as they kicked sand with each step they made. The woman was stunning. Long blond hair falling to her waist blew about in the draft from the Gulf. The man was handsome with dark curly hair and flashing blue eyes that seldom strayed from the woman’s face.

Occasionally, the couple would stop and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. They would wrap their arms around each other and kiss passionately as if each kiss was their life blood. Tourists always seemed to lose themselves in the beauty of the beach.

This beach was secluded and far from the maddening crowds of the public beach far down the road. Passionately, the couple dropped to the sand. Swimwear was thrown about carelessly, without a second thought. The two made love to the sound of the birds, the ocean, and the wind. Oblivious to the weather, the man and woman leapt up naked and plunged their bodies into the warmth of the waves of the Gulf of Mexico.

The sky began to change. A darkness crept in from the moisture laden Gulf waters. The clouds rolled and boiled mimicking the action of the waves below.

Seagulls sensing the approaching storm flew about screaming a warning to all who ventured upon the sands below. The undertow caught the woman first. Not familiar with the waters of the Gulf, she struggled to break free from the mighty undercurrents that dragged her further from the shore. She struggled and cried out to the man.

The man saw the woman and swam toward her with swift, sure strokes. As the water was whipped into a fury from the storm, the man felt the waves slam against him. He was beyond the sandbar, and he struggled to reach the woman who was swallowed by the angry sea.

The man felt the deep current suck him under the waves pulling his body further out to sea. The turquoise water had turned a deep, dark green. Thunder rumbled and roared with the ferocity of the winds that whipped the man deeper under the sea.

Just as the man and woman had claimed each other in love, the Gulf of Mexico had received their bodies as a penance to their inability to break the grip of the rip.

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One Word Photo Challenge – “SUN”

The creative Jennifer Nichole Wells topic this week is the sun! Many thanks to her for hosting this fun photo challenge that is weather related!

To participate:

  • Create a new post on your blog titled “One Word Photo Challenge: Sun”
  • Include an image or images that you feel fit the theme
  • Tag your post with “One Word Photo Challenge” so that others can find your contribution
  • Have fun!

Links to your contribution will be shared on the next week’s post.

Here are some pictures of sun or sunlight:

The infamous, “Horse-Hole.”

Sun, and the darkness of Fairy Swamp beyond…

Early sun slips into Fairy Swamp

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One Word Photo Challenge – Eigengrau

It’s another week and a new color for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge!

The new color is:

I love the mystery and intrigue that eigengrau suggests. This week, I will share some photos that allude to darkness:

My pumpkins, from last Halloween

Fairy Swamp at dusk

A spider’s web kissed with dew before sunrise

Jennifer and I are loving the weather here in Florida right now. Take some pictures and join in the fun!

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One Word Photo Challenge-Mauve


Jennifer Nichole Wells color for this week is mauve!  There is something about this color that speaks to me.  This pale shade of purple is one of my favorites.


This hosta is from my garden last summer.  It shows up as a delicate mauve color to start with.  Once the blooms open up they take on the palest mauve shade – almost white.

2014-07-22 17.27.10

I took this photo yesterday of some wild flowers growing alongside the road.  They are a delicate mauve color also.  Unfortunately, my photo does not do them justice.

2015-03-25 08.13.07

That is one thing about Florida, even the weeds and wild flowers are attractive!

Colleen and Jen Nichole Wells

Thanks for checking in with me today.  As you can see above, Jennifer and I are loving spring in Florida!  Visit when you can!

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One Word Photo Challenge–Melon

Colleen and Jen Nichole Wells

Jennifer Nichol Wells and I are loving the One Word Photo Challenge with the color this week: melon!  Spring has finally arrived in Florida!



This melon color is a tab more pink than we normally think of a melon color, although I do have an azalea that is close to this color.

2015-03-19 11.45.50

My grand-daughter Alexandria, and I planted this azalea last year. It is not blooming yet, but soon it will.

4.1.14 azalea blooming

Here is a photo from last year.  A bit more pink than the melon color we are after, I am afraid.

2014-06-30 07.32.53

I have no other melon colors, so I am forced to share with you (once again) a photo of my strawberry daylily from last summer.


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One Word Photo Challenge–BEAVER


Jennifer Nichole Wells color this week is beaver:  a lovely shade of brown.


2015-02-07 07.55.53

The dead leaves and trees in Fairy Swamp surely fit into the “beaver” category for the color brown.  I hope to get out tomorrow to see if there is any new growth with color sprouting out yet.

1-9-10 River Walk

The dead foliage and surrounding hills around the falls, in Great Falls, Montana (taken in January 2010 before we moved) gives you a good feel for the color of beaver.

file (4)

Click on this photo on my blog to visit other great photo challenge photos.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the color green!  Thanks for checking in on me today.  I am always glad to see you all!

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Jennifer Nichole Wells Photo Challenge color for this week is sea-foam.  Below, you will see a picture of the sea-foam waters found off the Pensacola Beach Pier.

Local fisherman had hooked a shark while fishing from the top of the pier.  I managed to catch a quick photo before they cut him loose.


The pier is a favorite fishing spot in Pensacola, Florida.


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One Word Photo Challenge–Strawberry

Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo color for the week is: strawberry!



Strawberry is one of my favorite shades of pink for flowers in the garden.  The deep rosy shade brightens even the dullest of days.

4.11.14 azaleas

Here are some azaleas in a strawberry color from last spring.  I always look forward to the brilliant shades of pinks and reds from the azaleas in Pensacola.  The whole city is awash in color.

Savanna 1st strawberry

Here is my Granddaughter Savanna, who loves strawberries.  She planted these last summer.  They have overtaken the entire flower bed now.  We should have a great feast this summer.


This is my flowering crab apple tree from my house in Montana.  I picked this tree because of the spectacular ‘strawberry’ colored blooms.

Thanks for stopping by today.  It is rainy and cool.

Have a magnificent Wednesday!

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