RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #30 Force&Free

“Shrouded in Pain”

Shrouded in Pain

Thanks to Ronovan of Ronovan Writes for hosting this wonderful challenge each week!  Click here to find out the rules and join in!


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SoCS–Past Recollections


Welcome to Stream of Consciousness Saturday!  Our prompt for this week from Linda, A Life in Progress, is “memory.”


Memories come to me like snatches of old black and white movies replaying in my mind.  Interestingly, when I visit some of those memories from long ago, I find the edges are hazy and no longer as clear; as compared to when I was living through the event.  Time seems to shadow those memories distorting and changing the feelings inside my heart.  Happiness and pain merge into foggy greyness.  Passions cool to simmer in the ancient history of my soul.

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Rage & Flammable: Weekly Haiku Challenge 8

Ronovan Weekly Haiku Challenge

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Ronovans Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #8 is Rage and Flammable!

Before you start!  This challenge is open to everyone!

I have a link that will help you out. Remember for Haiku in English the total syllables are 5 for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the last. This the Haiku I use. I don’t really hold people to that for this but if you want to do it in the 5/7/5 manner, the traditional way, then try that. The link I have for you is . . . Simply type in the word and find out how many syllables it has. Also for synonyms and antonyms go to

This is my Haiku for the week:


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Pain & Peace

Ronovan Weekly Haiku Challenge

Ronovan Writes at came up with a great challenge this week.  Our two words are:  Pain and Peace

If you want to refresh yourselves on a bit of Haiku in English, although you do not have to stick to that particular style of Haiku, it’s just my particular style to use, click here.


Sorrowful memories –

photographs stuck in time

Old reconciliations.

A Flickering Flame



The flame flickers in the breeze from the open window

Raindrops spit against the glass.

Falling, rhythmic, keeping time

Wet spatters slide

rivulets filling the ocean of my heart.

The flame sputters, stutters, goes out.

Love and longing searching for a remedy.

Air so heavy you cannot breathe

Gasping, panting, breathless –

The steady beating of a shattered heart.

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No Mud–No Lotus

2014-07-22 00.42.35

Have you ever wondered about the pain that you have endured in your life?  Why do some people suffer more than others?  Many people stumble blindly through their life without a glance at anyone else’s pain or sorrow.  They are self consumed and blinded with only their own pain.  Other people seem to feed off of the pain of others almost like it makes them feel fulfilled, important, or more significant than the one who is actually experiencing the pain.  Some persons are so frozen by their pain that they are immobilized and unable to feel anything at all.  They just seem to exist – zombies filled with pain roaming the landscape of our world.

I have come to realize that pain is a necessary part of life.  How will you ever know what is good or right in our world if we do not have some painful experiences to remind us of the differences.  Life is a paradox of good and evil.  Just like Ying and Yang, you cannot have one without the other.  This is not to simplify the pain that any one person feels, instead it is to remind us that just like love, pain is a universal gift.

Pain allows us to be human.  It teaches us lessons about life that we would not have learned without feeling some kind of deep pathos from the whole experience.  Pain allows us the chance to screw up and start over again.  This ache becomes the clarity within our souls that feeds each breath we take.  Through pain we become stronger.

The lotus is not present where there is no mud.  Be glad for your anguish because it has allowed you to blossom into the beautiful person you are… right now, reading this…


(Image from the Buddha Groove Facebook page on 7/21/14)

The Leaving



I cried when you made the choice to leave.

I knew when you were gone it would be hard to see you again –

ever in that same way.

I let you go like silken strands slipping from my waiting arms

blowing in the heavy air.

I knew our time was past, our days were gone.  We were through.

I sighed and let the memories of you flow like a gentle rain

all tears and forever pain.