Solitude – Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge

Hugh, from Hugh’s Views and News, asked for examples of solitude. That I got… Solitude at Pensacola Beach Solitude along a country road The solitude of a Colorado Highway I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of solitude. Many thanks to Hugh for sponsoring such a fun photo event! I love it. Do you want to … Read more Solitude – Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge

A Love Lost

Howling winds and driving rains seethe in the dark and hazy recesses of my mind. Raindrops slowly streak the window pane like tear drops shed in vain while all the while waiting and wondering, I sit writhing in torturous agony and pain. Sorrow washes in dark tumultuous waves, crashing against my broken battered heart. Love’s … Read more A Love Lost

Sand, Surf, and Sea – What’s beneath your Feet?

The Daily Post asked us: Today, look down and document the world beneath your feet. A secluded bit of sandy Pensacola Beach Waves crashing upon the sand Turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico Thanks for stopping by to enjoy this hot summer photo interlude. I look forward to seeing you all again!

Enveloped by the Sea

The Daily Post inquires: What does enveloped mean to you? Enveloped in the crest of a wave, sea-foam curls and slips, like white lace upon the sand. Click this link on my blog to find more photos of stunning Pensacola Beach, Florida. Thanks for stopping by. Come back and visit when you can!

One Word Photo Challenge-Teal

Our color for this week from Jennifer Nichole Wells is one my favorite colors – teal!  I love this color in all shades of the spectrum.  I live in paradise here in Pensacola, Florida, so you know I am going to share photos of the teal, or turquoise colored waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  … Read more One Word Photo Challenge-Teal

Writing 201-Poetry: Haiku

Sea foam waves ebbing – life’s sandy slate wiped sparkling, high tide changes all. This has been my haiku submission for the Daily Post’s poetry prompt of “water” for our first poetry class. Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to.  Find out more about the first poetry class sponsored by … Read more Writing 201-Poetry: Haiku

Into the Depths

Welcome to Pensacola Beach, Florida where the white sand seems to stretch on into infinity.  The turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico beckon to you, inviting you in for a quick swim.  The beach and the ocean are alluring, while the rhythm of the waves gently lapping the shore mesmerize and entice you.  In … Read more Into the Depths

My Serenity

The Gulf of Mexico, represented in the turquoise waters off Pensacola Beach, Florida are “My Serenity.” My serenity lies in the peacefulness of the waves – in the turquoise blue of the Gulf waters gently lapping at the shore. Quiet surrounds me. The white sands beneath my feet, reflects a light of warmth, which fills … Read more My Serenity

Weekly Pet Share–Shore Birds

Hope, The Happy Hugger, has a fun weekly Tuesday post where we writers can share images of our favorite pets, or any kind of animal we choose.  Hope says, “The “Weekly Pet Share” is not only exclusively for pets, but it is also a chance for you to share photos of animals you have the … Read more Weekly Pet Share–Shore Birds

Pixel Prose Challenge–The Storm is Approaching

I know it is Sunday when it is time for Amanda’s Pixel Prose Challenge.  Here is my contribution for this week: (Image credit: Pensacola Beach 1989) The Storm is approaching I can hear its roar – waves smashing against the shore. Dredging the sands of time in tow, as mournful winds howl and moan scattering … Read more Pixel Prose Challenge–The Storm is Approaching

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