A Winter Interlude

Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo challenge word for this week is “snow!” Here is a photo of our backyard in Prescott Valley, Arizona. We are about 5,000 ft. elevation here. This was a quick storm that blew in that April of 2011.  The featured photo is from our house… Continue reading

#Photo Rehab Cover Makeover – “The Long Way Home”

Lucile De Godoy has launched a new photo challenge called the “Photo Rehab Cover Makeover,” as part of her Photo 101 Rehab Clinic! Here is what Lucile has to say about this unique challenge: “It’s the Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Makeover! What’s the theme? To make a cover… Continue reading

Fairy Swamp–A Morning Reward

I love Fairy Swamp, which is located not far from where I live.  I caught this photo early in the morning with the sum streaming through the naked trees highlighting the murky green water below.  The sun never makes into the swamp during the other seasons of the year because… Continue reading

One Word Photo Challenge–Persimmon

Jennifer Nichole Wells has done it again with her fun photo challenge (click here to learn more), which features a different color each week.  This week’s color is persimmon!  I love the color of orange in any shade! These are real persimmons.  They are not ripe, so the color is… Continue reading

One Word Photo Challenge–“Ultramarine”

Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge color is ultramarine blue!  Click the badge to learn about the challenge. This was a tough color for me this week.  The blue is hard to find in nature.  These are not my pictures.  I am sharing them because of the striking color… Continue reading

Photography 101–Triumph

When Photography 101 asked that our last assignment be about “triumph,” I realized that I was not sure what to share as a photo that would relate to the meaning of the word. I turned to my tried and true dictionary.com to look up a few references on what triumph… Continue reading

Photography 101 – Water

Our theme for Photography 101 is “water,” which is right up my alley because we live so close to the Gulf of Mexico.  For day three, they want to see our interpretation of water — how might your image reveal more about you? Here is my contribution for the day…. Continue reading