The Connection, #Haibun

This week's Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge was an Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt provided by Lisa Thompson. Image credit: Unsplash, and the photographer is Wolfgang Hasselmann The Connection, #Haibun My walk resulted in a surprise this morning. I found a toadstool growing on the north side of a Palo Verde tree where the sprinkler had sprung a leak. It's unusual … Continue reading The Connection, #Haibun

“You Can’t Go Home Again,” #Senryu

Aishwarya, from Kitty's Verses, picked an excellent photo for this month's photo prompt. There is so much to write about. I chose to write a senryu this week. Senryu are untitled, but for this challenge we use titles to keep our posts straight. I don't know... this photo haunted me. There with so many poetic … Continue reading “You Can’t Go Home Again,” #Senryu

Once in a Blue Moon, #Shadorma #PhotoPrompt

©2020 Ritu Bhathal This week for my poetry challenge, Ritu picked an interesting photo. I got excited at what the rest of you saw or felt from the image. Some detected a malevolence, while others conveyed a normal evening with the moon overhead. Shadorma poetry has its own rhythm and flow, called a sestet, a … Continue reading Once in a Blue Moon, #Shadorma #PhotoPrompt

“Promises,” #Gogyoka

Thanks to Ken Gierke, I've added the Gogyoka in English to our syllabic poetry forms, bringing the count up to ten. The Gogyoka (pronounced go-gee-yoh-kuh) form is a five-line Japanese form with no restriction on length. Created by Enta Kusakabe in 1983, there are five rules: Gogyohka is a new form of short poem that … Continue reading “Promises,” #Gogyoka

“Disappearing,” #Tanka #Prose

The image is from Pixabay, by Michael Seibt Diana Peach sure picked a doozy of an image for us to work with for our photo challenge this week. I thought long and hard. I kept zeroing in on the poppy and the snake. There was a story there, and I had to tell it. I … Continue reading “Disappearing,” #Tanka #Prose