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Punctuation in Poetry – Should we do it?

The most important thing you can learn about writing poetry is to add punctuation, especially if you are going to enter your poems into contests like I suggested in this post: https://colleenchesebro.com/2019/06/16/the-united-haiku-tanka-society-uhts-poetry-contest-information/. Join UHTS HERE. We’re all familiar with this example: Lets eat Grandma! OR: Let’s eat, Grandma. When you read the above sentences, the punctuation changes the meaning. The

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The United Haiku & Tanka Society (UHTS) Poetry Contest Information

UHTS offers an opportunity for poets to submit their poetry to various contests throughout the year. I’ve copied the information from the UHTS site, HERE. HERE is the link for the Contests on their website. ALL serious poets should consider submitting their work to these contests. ❤ What are you waiting for? Contest Submission Guidelines General Submission Guidelines for all

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