Spice – The Tiny Dog Who Stole Our Hearts

Spice, Colorado 2017

It is with sad and heavy hearts Ron, and I must share that our beloved Spice left this world Wednesday night. Spice was Ron’s dog mainly, and along with her sister, Sugar, nursed Ron through bladder and prostate cancer. She was loyal and loving and will live in our hearts forever. Our lives were better because of her sweet soul. 

When Ron found her in her crate that morning, her tag had become lodged in the metal grate of the door. It appeared she couldn’t get it loose. She was diagnosed with a collapsed trachea many years ago and at 13 ½ years old, she had been having more problems. In dog years she was 91, spunky, yet frail. I can only hope and pray that her passing did not allow her to suffer.

Both dogs had been crate-trained for ‘sleeping only’ since they were born in Montana. For such an odd thing to occur breaks our hearts. Her sister, Sugar is lost without her. The dogs had only been separated twice for overnight stays at the vet. Sugar suffers from diabetes and is frail too. The first thing I did was take Sugar’s collar and tag off.

Sugar & Spice 2011, Montana

Our pain is inconsolable. We got these two magnificent girls in 2004 when they were 4 months old. Spice was the runt of the litter, and sugar was a roly-poly fluff ball. My husband had only months before undergone radical surgery for bladder and prostate cancer. He spent the days alone while I worked many long hours as a bookkeeper/estate paralegal. I knew the two dogs would require him to get up out of his chair and give him something to care for. It worked. The life came back into his eyes, and he was ready to experience life again.

How do you thank two little souls for giving you the most precious things in life: loyalty, unconditional love, and kindness? From the day we got them in May 2004, they have filled our lives with joy.

Sugar, Ron, and Spice, Florida 2015

I have struggled with the writing of The Meadow Fairy and wasn’t sure why. I am an empathic writer, and there has been so much unrest in the world. These things affect me deeply. It seemed that certain things had to happen in the universe and in my life in order for me to add them into Abby’s new story. I don’t question how or why this happens any longer. I just wait, and then, I write.

Yesterday, I knew that the only way I could pay tribute to our beloved girls was to write them into the story so they could remain immortal on paper. In this way, their personalities will shine and spread love and joy to others.

Spice’s ashes will come back to us so that we still have a bit of her with us. Her spirit has joined the collective, and I know we will see her again, in another place, and time.


Ron and Colleen

RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #29 Fret&Chill

January Winds

After a stupendous day yesterday with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees F., today a cold front blew into Pensacola, Florida with a vengeance.  I suppose it is payback for yesterday’s glorious temperatures.  Sugar and Spice, the Pomeranian sisters, have spring fever, and they are true Floridians now… they do not appreciate January’s winds blowing them around the yard.  In fact, Ron and I have spring fever too!

Many thanks to Ronovan Writes for hosting this excellent Haiku challenge.  Join in! Haiku is fun!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today.  I always enjoy seeing all of you!

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Florida COLD

petchallenge     Hope-the Happy Hugger, sponsors Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge each week.  Join in the fun!  How does your pet or animals in your area cope with extreme temperatures (hot or cold)?

Sugar and Spice are fed up with the cold!  Last night, cold north winds barreled into Pensacola, FL with a ferocious intensity!  For awhile there, I though I would have to go outside with the dogs on leashes so they would not get blown away in the wind.  The girls have one way of dealing with the cold and that is to cuddle.

2015-01-05 18.04.33

Ron and his recliner is always a favorite choice.  The girls fight over who gets to sit where.

2015-01-07 18.32.11

Spice likes to wedge herself beside Ron and instantly falls asleep!

2015-01-07 18.31.20

Sugar tends to find me on the couch while she grabs as much blanket as possible.

Pomeranians have two coats of fur, which serves them well in the cold, northern parts of the world.  The additional coat keeps them dry and adds extra insulation.  They are often called miniature Spitz.  The AKC website reports that this breed came from Pomerania which is now part of Germany and Poland.  In their earliest days, the dogs weighed close to 30 pounds.  They assisted in the herding of sheep.

Around 1870, the English Kennel Club recognized the breed, Spitz.  By 1888, Queen Victoria found the breed in Florence, Italy and instantly was charmed by the personality of the small dogs.  Once in England, the breed became popular.  The dogs tend to resemble little foxes.


Spice and Sugar with normal coats of fur when we lived in Montana.

We keep Sugar and Spice’s fur trimmed short because the hot Florida climate is usually too much for them with all that fur.  Unfortunately, when it is cold like today, I am sure they wish they had it back.

Thanks for checking in on us this cold frigid morning.  It was 19 degrees F., with a wind chill of 9 degrees F.  Mighty cold for sunny Florida.  We broke records once again this year.  Stay warm, or cool – where ever you might live!


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge–Walkies


Sugar and Spice wanted to check in this week with everyone and see how they are faring.  Both of the girls were quite fed up with me as I was unable to walk them every morning for about a week because I had wrenched by back.  All better now.  I was really getting some awful looks from the hairy children.

Pure doggie bliss came on Monday morning when I could walk them again:

2014-11-26 07.13.21

Spice in the back and Sugar in the front – All harnessed up and ready to go walkies!

Now  “walkies,” is a real thing.  When I lived in England long ago in the 1980’s, there was a show on the BBC by Barbara Woodhouse, a dog trainer.  She would say, “Walkies,” to the dogs and they would obediently follow her about.

In fact, here is an article about her.  Apparently her dog training methods have proven to not be the best.  I still like the phrase though.

Thanks for popping in to see the girls, and for a bit of my British trivia from when I lived abroad,

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Photography 101-Double

Photography 101 is looking for images of doubles today.  How could I not share my two lovely Pomeranian sisters, Sugar and Spice?

Thanks for stopping by on this Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy your families!

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge–Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice missed last week because their Mom had too much to do and she did not share their weekly snooze fests.  They missed seeing all the smiles that their pictures bring.  I promised both of them that I would share their photos this week.

Spice says “hello” from her favorite chair with the velvet blankets.

2014-11-18 15.55.32

Meanwhile, Sugar was snoozing in the living room while Mom watched her British mysteries.

2014-10-19 16.30.38

Sugar has been doing well taking her insulin.  She now comes to me after her breakfast or dinner and tells me she is ready for her shot!  Unbelievable for such a sweet soul to ask for her medicine.

Sugar and Spice would like to tell everyone to have a wonderful time with their families this holiday!

Happy T from Sugar Spice

Thanks for stopping by to see how the Pomeranian sisters are.  They will see you all again,

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The Dog Days of Autumn


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge brings a photo of Sugar and Spice playing on their blanket while in the patio enjoying the afternoon.  Last weekend we had some cool temperatures which they just love!  Both girls get more lively and love going outside to bark at the neighbor horses.

2014-10-30 14.30.10

Sugar and Spice

2014-10-30 14.23.49

Spice – she stayed still long enough for me to take her photo

2014-10-31 11.26.14

Sugar – after playing in the tree line brought some in with her

Thanks for stopping by to see what Sugar and Spice are up to this week.  I enjoy seeing all of you!

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The Sun Bathers


2014-10-20 10.06.54

Sugar and Spice have been enjoying the sun on the patio this week.  It suddenly got warm and humid all over again so they like chilling out and relaxing before Halloween.  They get upset during Trick or Treat, so Mom hands out candy, and Dad stays inside with them watching T.V.

Have a safe TRICK OR TREAT and remember to watch out for your pets so that they don’t get into the candy!  Sugar and Spice ask that you visit puplife.com for some safety tips:


(Image Credit:  Dog Halloween Safety Tips)



Thanks for visiting Sugar and Spice this week,

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Sugar and Spice in Montana



This is a picture of Spice and Sugar when we lived in Montana.  They are Pomeranians and I wanted to show them with their full coats.  We keep them trimmed living here in Florida for the obvious reasons… too hot for all that fur!  Last week some folks were wondering what breed they were.


Pomeranians have two coats.  They are well suited to the cold winters of Germany.  They are actually miniature Spitz bred down in size to become their own breed.  You can learn more about them at  AKC-Get to Know the Pomeranian.  They are little dogs with HUGE personalities! ❤ ❤



I am glad to be part of Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.  Sugar and Spice love all the attention too! ❤

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Sisters Through and Through

2014-10-12 13.32.20

Spice said,  “I LOVE my big sister, Tabitha visiting us.”  “Now if I can get her to get rid of that IPAD thing and pet me all the time I will be happy!”  Both dogs looked for Tabitha after she left to fly back to California the other day.  We all miss her.

2014-10-17 12.10.09

Sugar said she was just too darn tired to play.  Nap time is Sugar’s favorite time of day.


Thanks for visiting and seeing what Sugar and Spice are up to this week.  I look forward to seeing you all again!

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