Punctuation in Poetry – Should we do it?

The most important thing you can learn about writing poetry is to add punctuation, especially if you are going to enter your poems into contests like I suggested in this post: https://colleenchesebro.com/2019/06/16/the-united-haiku-tanka-society-uhts-poetry-contest-information/. Join UHTS HERE. We're all familiar with this example: Lets eat Grandma! OR: Let's eat, Grandma. When you read the above sentences, the … Continue reading Punctuation in Poetry – Should we do it?

5 Ways to Abuse a Comma – Grammarly Blog | Grammarly Blog

Learn how to use commas! I still struggle with these. How about you? ❤ Commas are finally receiving high praise. Teachers stress their role in helping readers discern the correct meaning of sentences. In fact, an entire line of … Source: 5 Ways to Abuse a Comma - Grammarly Blog | Grammarly Blog

Punctuation–A Writers Curse

The more books I read, the more I want to check my own punctuation constantly when I write.  As a writer, I feel a responsibility to tell my story the best I can.  Punctuation is a necessary tool in getting your meaning across to your readers.  The most important thing to do is have a … Continue reading Punctuation–A Writers Curse