“Painting Clouds,” #FlashFiction

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time or presence of mind to write some flash fiction. I’ve yearned for this weekly challenge from Carrot Ranch much like someone would miss chatting with an old friend. So, hello my old friend, Carrot Ranch. I’m glad to be back! The June 27, 2019, Carrot … Read more “Painting Clouds,” #FlashFiction

“The Collective,” A Tanka

It’s that time of the week and if the itch to write has turned into a slow burn… Get writing! Join my weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge and get your brain waves thinking in new ways. Write some poetry! This week, I’ve used the word, “ethos,” as my synonym for character and “altruism” for the word, … Read more “The Collective,” A Tanka

#Colorado Dreams – A #Haibun

Welcome to my contribution to my Weekly #Poetry Challenge, where you can write your own Haiku, Tanka, or Haibun using the prompt words of past & future. The best poetry has layers of meaning. Image credit: GeniusQuotes.net The meadow fairy hovered in the crisp air. Her wings beat the air in a slow rhythm – transparent, barely discernable … Read more #Colorado Dreams – A #Haibun

Samhain, Fairies, and Symbolism in Your Writing

With the Samhain (Halloween) celebration just around the corner, I wanted to gaze back into the past to see how this ancient festival evolved and became the holiday we celebrate today. Besides, if you write fairy fantasy, you’ll want to incorporate some of the ancient myths and other such symbolism into your work. It is … Read more Samhain, Fairies, and Symbolism in Your Writing

#WQWWC – Writers Quote ‘Thursday’ Writing Challenge – “Believe”

Hey, EVERYBODY! It’s that time again! Time to join in the “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge,” co-sponsored with Ronovan Hester of Ronovan Writes, right here on silverthreading.com and myself, Silver Threading! I lost my head this week and literally thought it was Ronovan’s week! Ah well, what do you do? Thanks for being patient with me. … Read more #WQWWC – Writers Quote ‘Thursday’ Writing Challenge – “Believe”

ROY G. BIV or Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Silver loves rainbows! Rainbows are some of nature’s most beautiful displays. In the part of Florida where I live, rainbows only appear in rare circumstances. Unlike when I lived in the mountains of Arizona where we had regular rainbows during the monsoon season each summer. I took this photo a couple of years ago in … Read more ROY G. BIV or Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Word Snap Weekly–Waiting for the Rainbow

Just like the rainbow at the end of this haiku, I cannot wait to be finished with the painting in our house.  We are down to the master bedroom, the living room, and the dining room.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The paint has made everything look brighter and … Read more Word Snap Weekly–Waiting for the Rainbow

Weekly Haiku Challenge # 9

Badge provided by DazzlingWhimsy. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge is here!  From Ronovan Writes: If you want to refresh yourselves on a bit of Haiku in English, although you do not have to stick to that particular style of Haiku, it’s just my particular style to use, click here. For Tips and Guidelines refreshers click … Read more Weekly Haiku Challenge # 9

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