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Good For YOU–Chocolate Muffins

It was quite a cold morning here in Pensacola, Florida, so I decided I would make up a batch of my Good for you Chocolate Muffins.  I really love these.  They are a decadent treat with Greek Yogurt and a cup of British PG Tips tea in the evening. I… Continue reading

Healthy Autumn Banana Bread

I swear I just bought those bananas a few days ago!  Nevertheless, there on my counter were bananas that were so ripe they had fallen from the stand they hang from.  There is nothing left to do at this point, but make banana bread, my husband’s favorite. Now to be… Continue reading

Persimmon–An Asian Fruit

Have you ever heard of persimmons?  Since moving back to Florida a couple of years ago, I have had the best time discovering all kinds of different plants to grow and eat.  My neighbor, Su, shared some of these orange gems with me and they are fabulous! Persimmons taste like… Continue reading

Sushi Making 101

I had a wonderful morning learning how to make Sushi with my next door neighbor Tsuvako, (Su) who is from Okinawa.  She was a patient and kind teacher.  Our other friend Connie, who is from China also came.  Connie made Chinese Pot Stickers for our feast.  We had a great… Continue reading

EASY BBQ Chicken

My husband Ron, the BBQ Master – Corn in side pockets, tongs in the back pocket – drink in hand and chicken (or tri-tip, or pork tenderloin, or porterhouse steaks, or fish…) to barbecue! One of my husband’s favorite things to do is barbecue, and believe me he is a… Continue reading

A Garden Breakfast

I am obsessed with breakfast!  I know, I know, it is the most important meal of the day! Of course it is, however, I have found that it is more than that to me.  Since I began my weight loss journey a few years ago, I find myself with breakfast… Continue reading

Bountiful Harvest

Spaghetti Squash Paradise bountiful harvest

Some of my friends have asked me what I do with all the produce I grow in my garden… It’s simple – we eat it!  What we can’t eat, we share with family and neighbors.  Besides, one of the best reasons to garden is for the exercise.  Along with that goes the added benefit of eating lighter.

For example, today I baked my spaghetti squash. I simply cut into the squash so it could release steam (so it won’t explode).  I placed it on a baking sheet and baked it at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.  You must test for tenderness with a knife as you go so that you don’t overcook the squash.

squash to bake

Once the squash is baked, take it out to cool.  When it is cool to the touch, slice the squash in half. You will see lots of seeds and some membrane.

squash is baked


Scoop the seeds and membrane out with a spoon.

scoop seeds in squash

Once the seeds and membrane are removed you can take a fork and scoop out the squash.  It will resemble spaghetti noodles.

squash done

Now get creative! You can use the spaghetti squash just like you would noodles and serve it with spaghetti sauce, olive oil, and some lean meat of your choice.  I like to add some fresh oregano leaves for flavor.  The food network has a great selection of recipes to try at http://www.foodnetwork.com/topics/spaghetti-squash-recipes.html.

Or, you can take a turn at an Asian dish and use the spaghetti squash like you would noodles.  How about Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai with shrimp? Find the recipe at http://sharedappetite.com/recipes/spaghetti-squash-pad-thai/.

Have fun with your harvest and try new things.  You and your family might be quite surprised by the result!