Silver’s Book Reviews – “CATCHING FEATHERS IN THE WIND,” By Diane Hall

Title:  Catching Feathers in the Wind Author: Diane Hall File Size: 1090 KB Print Length: 306 pages  Publisher: Diane Hall; 3 edition Publication Date: September 2, 2015 Sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC  Language: English ASIN:  B0145AT30S ISBN-10: 0955973384 ISBN-13: 978-0955973383 Formats: Paperback and Kindle Goodreads Genres: Women's Fiction, Romance, Religion, Spirituality, Humor Do you believe in Angels? Jayna is an Archangel who decides to incarnate back to Earth into … Continue reading Silver’s Book Reviews – “CATCHING FEATHERS IN THE WIND,” By Diane Hall

Is Religion a CULT?

This week, make a forceful case for… something - 8/11/14 The Daily Post Challenge: Some people claim that ALL religion is a cult.  This topic is highly subject to personal opinion and I will rely on words to decipher this mystery.  I will resort to the dictionary and the one definition that I think … Continue reading Is Religion a CULT?


This was the view from my front door this morning when I left at 6 am for my daily walk.  My photo does not do this view justice, but if you look closely you will see a rainbow that appears to be pointing at the moon.  What a glorious morning greeting. Interestingly, today is Saint … Continue reading ST. SWITHIN’S DAY 7/15/14

Full Buck Moon 7/12/2014

Do you follow astrology, numerology, or believe the moon and its different phases affects all living things on our planet? Awhile back I wrote about how the Old Farmers Almanac promotes planting your garden during a full moon as it will encourage growth and stability in your plants.  I believe that this energy from the … Continue reading Full Buck Moon 7/12/2014

My Journey

(Written to participate in The Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Frame of Mind: If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? (7/9/14 Image from Pineal Paradise at My journey now begins - Enlightenment I seek, Peace is my retreat.