Silver’s #Book Reviews – “The Layover, The WanderLynn Experience Book One,” By Author, L. Loren

  • Title:  The Layover, The WanderLynn Experience Book One
  • Author: L. Loren
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  • Print Length: 162 pages
  • Publisher: Untamed Publishing, LLC
  • Publication Date: October 4, 2016
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  • Language: English
  • Formats: Paperback and Kindle
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  • Genres: Romance, Romantic Erotica, Erotica

*The author provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review*

“Vivacious, witty and feisty, Lynn Sutton is living the life she desires, with the smarts to match and no strings attached. As the successful owner of a luxury travel concierge service, she is building an empire that only a goddess like her can handle. Until one day, life throws the ultimate curve ball when she loses her only sister in a tragic car accident and becomes the sole guardian of her niece and nephew. After years of focusing solely on the twins and her career, Lynn is left with the empty nest syndrome when the twins go off to college.

She decides it’s time to refocus on herself and her love life. And she’s got her sights set on one man…Connor.
Wealthy and intelligent, Connor Wyatt has never found his true love. Trapped in an arranged and loveless marriage, he craves the one thing his wife refuses to give him, a family. When he meets the beautiful aunt of the young man he is mentoring, she immediately awakens his dormant heart and loins. When his marriage falls apart, he renews his friendship with the beautiful and curvy Lynn in the hopes that he can rekindle a fire that has been smoldering within for years. And an unexpected flight layover brings Connor the chance of his lifetime.

The chemistry between the two is undeniable, but outside forces threaten to douse their inferno forever. Will this love connection finally be made? Or is it already too late?”

Lynn and Conner’s love story is told in such a way that it sweeps you off your feet right along with them. Both of the characters are believable and totally likable. Conner’s wife is a real piece of work. Lynn has issues with her best friend that she didn’t even know existed, and her bestie is the kind of woman that doesn’t want to be deterred. Add in some drama from a niece and nephew and you have the ingredients to create a “spicy” love story.

The author, L. Loren, spins a tale filled with ample humor and interesting characters. I loved that Lynn seemed to be starting over in her life after shouldering the responsibility of raising her niece and nephew. Her new love story comes at a time when she is ripe for fresh adventures. The perfect setting for a new romance.

I won’t kid you here. There is explicit sex in this story. Nevertheless, those erotic scenes emphasized Lynn’s feelings for Conner and made their entire love story more credible.

This is L. Loren’s début novel, and there are plans for Lynn and Conner’s love story to continue. The Wanderlynn Experience – Island Adventures, is the title of book two. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Conner and Lynn this time! I know it will be a fun and humor packed adventure.

Character Believability: 4
Flow and Pace: 4
Reader Engagement: 4
Reader Enrichment: 4
Reader Enjoyment: 4
Overall Rate: 4 out of 5 stars


Author, L. Loren

About L. Loren:

Lisa W. Tetting is the author of the novel, The Mistreatment of Zora Langston, and creator of Rebirthoflisa, her personal blog. She is a former call center supervisor, who, after much thought and angst, decided to change her life by living her dream. She grew up in a small town in North Carolina and loves that she is a Southern Girl. She has been happily married to her wonderful husband for a little over 14 years, and they currently reside in Tampa, Florida. Lisa’s favorite writers include Maya Angelou, Octavia Butler, Zora Neale Hurston, and Edgar Allan Poe.

“LoveRotica” is a Love Story with an Edge of Sexy! The name was created by author L. Loren, the pen name for Lisa W. Tetting. If you enjoy reading sexy novels that burn the sheets up, then you’re at the right page!

My first series is called The WanderLynn Experience. It contains 3 books of BWWM heat. The first book in the series The Layover will be released in October 2016 with the second book, Island Adventures and the third, Destination Home following close behind.



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Silver’s Book Reviews – “Behind the Altar,” by P. C. Zick

  • Title:  Behind the Altar, Book 1 of the Behind the Love Trilogy
  • Author: P. C. Zick
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  • Print Length: 147 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1500455121
  • Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Publication Date: September 16, 2014
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00N2WPFD0
  • Formats: Paperback and Kindle
  • Genres: Women’s Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Leah Bryant has a perfect life. Engaged to the local minister, Jacob Davis, in the town of Victory, Florida, Leah spends her spare time running “Soup’s On,” where she feeds and cares for the local homeless people in the area. When the church board votes to stop funding the charity, Leah’s life is thrown into chaos. Leah’s passion is fueled by the knowledge of what it was like to be homeless. Jacob’s mother, Geraldine found Leah on the streets as a teenager and welcomed her into her own home years ago. For all appearances, Leah has been truly blessed.

The same day Leah learns of the decision from the church board prohibiting the use of the church kitchen to cook for the homeless, Leah meets Jacob’s brother, Dean, as he rumbles into town on his Harley. Leah finds herself inexplicably drawn to Dean. Between his muscles and tattoos, there is an intensity that overwhelms Leah, leaving her breathless. Jacob has never had this effect on her.

Dean feels the attraction to Leah also. Her natural goodness and compassion for people are a tonic that feeds his soul. The harder they struggle to stay apart, the more they are drawn together experiencing a passion neither has ever known.

Nevertheless, there is a dark secret that threatens to derail the Davis family just waiting to explode this lover’s triangle into a million pieces!


I don’t know about you, but I adore a romance that is filled with magic, especially when it is obvious that the two characters belong together. “Behind the Altar,” explodes with sexual tension and sizzles with passionate ardor.

There is just something about a man riding into town on a Harley that gets a woman thinking about romance. Of course, you know he is a bad-boy from the start. He’s riding a Harley! With very little imagination, I could picture “Dean,” being played by the handsome, Jeffrey “Dean” Morgan, who is the good-looking private investigator, currently playing on the television series, “The Good Wife.” I can’t help but ponder if P. C. Zick had the same image in mind when she created the character of Dean. One can only hope.

This story revolves around small town America, with all of the incongruities and biases that exist in society on full display. The book is not suitable for younger readers as there is sexual content present. However, I found the love story between Leah and Dean to be real and honest. I thought there was a moral to this love story, about never judging a book by its cover, that was woven throughout the story line, but I will let you be the judge of that.

I look forward to following the life of these characters as they evolve and heal from the tragedies and rewards of true love in the upcoming Behind the Love Series. Book 2, “Behind the Curtain,” is the next book in the series.

My Rating:

Character Believability: 4
Flow and Pace: 5
Reader Engagement: 5
Reader Enrichment: 4
Reader Enjoyment: 5
Overall Rate: 4.5 out of 5

About P. C. Zick:

Bestselling author, P.C. Zick describes herself as a storyteller no matter what she writes. And she writes in a variety of genres, including romance, contemporary fiction, and nonfiction. She’s won various awards for her essays, columns, editorials, articles, and fiction.

Many of her novels contain stories of Florida and its people and environment, which she credits as giving her a rich base for her storytelling. “Florida’s quirky and abundant wildlife – both human and animal – supply my fiction with tales almost too weird to be believable.” Her Behind the Love trilogy – contemporary romance – is also set in Florida, but she’s now working on a series set in the Smoky Mountains.

Her fiction contains the elements most dear to her heart, ranging from love to the environment. All of her novels contain elements of romance with strong female characters and descriptive settings. She believes in living lightly upon this earth with love, laughter, and passion, and through her fiction, she imparts this philosophy in an entertaining manner with an obvious love for her characters, plot, and themes.

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