Technology to the Rescue!

2015-11-28 11.16.37

After the blizzard a couple of weeks ago, Ron and I decided that we needed a snow blower/thrower. My dear, California boy has now learned how to deal with the snow in style. We love Colorado! ❤

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #72 Life & Give

I saw on the weather broadcast for Thanksgiving Day that northern California was finally receiving some relief from the drought. Heavy snowfall was falling in an attempt to remedy some of the worst drought conditions ever recorded in our history.

Ronovan’s words for the week are “life and give,” quite fitting for Thanksgiving week. As a tribute to this devastating drought, these words came to mind:

“Crystal Snowflakes”

Crystal Snowflakes

We can only hope that the devastation that this drought has wrought on the land will soon end. That is something that we all can be thankful for.

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The Weather Witch

I have been told that I am a weather witch, a purveyor of the elements. Strange weather events take place where ever we live. Somehow I maneuver the climate. Like the blizzard that blew into Colorado Springs last evening through this morning…

Silver the weather witch

The winds blew hard, battering the north side of the house. Boards creaked and groaned as the upstairs part of the house swayed in the wind.

2015-11-17 06.52.10

Snow flew sideways down the road. The cold winds of autumn blew the early snow into drifts deep enough to swallow a man.

2015-11-17 06.49.48

Great clumps of cold, wet snow filled the glass on the windows making it impossible to see outside. A dark gloom settled within the house.

2015-11-17 06.48.49

Hard icy pellets of snow battered the back door.

2015-11-17 06.49.21

The wind blew harder, burying everything in its path in a silent white death. Ice daggers hung from the shutters on the house.

2015-11-17 12.15.20

Suddenly, the sky cleared into a deep crystal blue while the snow crystals glistened on the drifts below.

Winter is Coming

Truth be told… it’s not even winter yet!

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A Winter Interlude

Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo challenge word for this week is “snow!”

Here is a photo of our backyard in Prescott Valley, Arizona. We are about 5,000 ft. elevation here. This was a quick storm that blew in that April of 2011.  The featured photo is from our house in Montana. That was just a little snow storm we had.

The temperatures are still blazing hot here in Florida. Colorado is sounding better and better! The house is up for sale and the sign is out!

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Pixel Prose Challenge– “Winter”

Christmas Fairy

(Image credit: Winter Fairy)

Winter shows her colors in the sparkle

on the crystal frost she paints on the trees, and

in the bite of the cold north wind

she caresses our pale cheeks – rosy.

Pinecones, holly, and red berries

encircle her golden tresses,

while icy starlight twinkles

in the deep green of her eyes.

Winter wears a mantle of the

finest moss – the palest green,

her spider-web gown of the whitest silk.

Winter is a fickle teenage girl,

teasing us with her whims –

all the while throwing tantrums of

blizzards, fog, ice, and snow.

Hail Winter!

Her reign begins.

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved

Today is Sunday and that means it is time for Amanda’s Pixel Prose Challenge.  Today, is also the Winter Solstice, the first day of Winter, and we have a New Moon all wrapped up to send us positive energy for the new year.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

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Golden Grasses in the Snow

The north wind blows the snow in swirling luminous eddies.

Biting cold seeps into the woman’s fruitless body prostate on the ground.

Sparkling snow, deep in some places, barren in others, fans over her splayed-out chestnut hair.

Spiky golden stalks of grass rubbing in the wind,

Scratching, scratching in the snow.

~ ~ ~

What could end the promise of another breath or another day?

How could one so young and strong lose the beating of her heart, as

a swirling storm inside raged against her desolate soul –

never to feel the tender touch of one so small.

Clouds cast shadows against the darkness of the night.

Spiky golden stalks of grass rubbing in the wind,

Scratching, scratching in the snow.

~ ~ ~

The light of a setting sun washes across snowy dunes on the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, with Mt. Susitna in the background.

golden grass in snow7/2/2014 Image from Carl Johnson Photography blog at