Ephemeral Fairy Swamp

Fairy Swamp is changing quickly here in Pensacola, Florida, as emerald leaves frame this image in time.  The bright green leaves of spring will soon give way to the cool darkness of the summer swamp.  The leaves and vines will soon be thick, making it near impossible to see into the murky waters, that today reflect the blue sky above. I could hear frogs with their deep rumbling croaks welcoming me to view their world.  Mockingbirds, cardinals, and blue birds flitted about []

Fresh–The First Blooms of Spring

This week, The Daily Post Photo Challenge asks us to portray something “fresh.”  Spring has burst forth here in Pensacola, Florida in a variety of ways from the emerald green grass of our lawns to the flowering trees in bloom.  Azaleas are ablaze with color.  Everywhere the fragrance of ‘new’ wafts in the gentle breezes blowing onshore from the south bringing warmth and humidity to the area. Wild flowers blooming at Fairy Swamp Fairy Fire Delicate pink azalea Fairy Swamp is springing []

Word Snap Weekly–Spring in Fairy Swamp

One of my favorite events of the week on WordPress is Word Snap Weekly hosted by the lovely Amanda, of Unique Art Chic.  Click here to find out more about this event. Today, I would like to share a photo and an excerpt from my story, The Swamp Fairy – The Gift of Spring.  The swamp was alive this week bursting forth with bright green leaves and wild flowers in brilliant shades of red, pink, and creamy white!  I stood in the []

One Word Photo Challenge–Melon

Jennifer Nichol Wells and I are loving the One Word Photo Challenge with the color this week: melon!  Spring has finally arrived in Florida! Melon This melon color is a tab more pink than we normally think of a melon color, although I do have an azalea that is close to this color. My grand-daughter Alexandria, and I planted this azalea last year. It is not blooming yet, but soon it will. Here is a photo from last year.  A bit more []

Word Snap Weekly–A Pensacola Spring

If it’s Sunday, it’s Word Snap Weekly with my adorable friend Amanda, from Unique Art Chic.com.  I enjoy this event each week, because it gives me the opportunity to share some of my photography and poetry in a creative way. Join Amanda and I to see where your creativity takes you! Click here to see how to participate. This week, I am sharing a “shape,” or “concrete” poem that I created in the shape of a flower.  I took this photo last []

Word Snap Weekly–Fickle Summer Love

Many thanks to Amanda, from Unique Art Chic for hosting this great challenge each week.  You must visit her blog and see the fabulous spring/fairy creation she fashioned this week!  It is absolutely spectacular.  Amanda and I decided that we are Bitstrips/blog sisters, as we both have the same hair style!  Join us in Word Snap Weekly! Colleen and Amanda celebrating Word Snap Weekly Sweet auburn berries – turn tart during autumn’s veil, fickle summer love. I had to share some summer []

The Clinic-Photo Rehab 21

Lucile De Godoy’s Photo Rehab is the perfect place for me to share my photos of my creative room garden.  The violets and Christmas/Easter Cactus burst forth this morning in glorious bloom after several days of dark and cold here in Pensacola, Florida. The colors are vibrant and intense and are surely foretelling the future of spring, right around the corner. Happy Friday Friends!  Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to.  []

The Clinic: Photo Rehab #8–Grey Dawn

Fairy Swamp is slowly starting to come to life after the dry winter.  Rainfall has begun to fill the slough.  The sounds of birds and frogs could be heard, as I slowly walked past.  Crickets were starting to chirp.  It won’t be long now… This is my entry for Lucile De Godoy’s Photo Rehab for this week. Thanks for visiting me today.  I always look forward to seeing you.

One Word Photo Challenge–Strawberry

Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo color for the week is: strawberry! Strawberry is one of my favorite shades of pink for flowers in the garden.  The deep rosy shade brightens even the dullest of days. Here are some azaleas in a strawberry color from last spring.  I always look forward to the brilliant shades of pinks and reds from the azaleas in Pensacola.  The whole city is awash in color. Here is my Granddaughter Savanna, who loves strawberries.  She planted these []

Pink Fairy Slippers

The first sign of spring – as pink fairy slippers bloom, winter grieves the cold. I had a lovely walk this morning.  The air was crisp and laden with moisture from the approaching rain.  Not far from Fairy Swamp were these delicate tiny, pink blooms hanging from the bushes.  I do not know their real name, so I have chosen “fairy slippers,” to be their name until I learn what they really are. The clouds are grey now, and the rain has []

RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #29 Fret&Chill

After a stupendous day yesterday with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees F., today a cold front blew into Pensacola, Florida with a vengeance.  I suppose it is payback for yesterday’s glorious temperatures.  Sugar and Spice, the Pomeranian sisters, have spring fever, and they are true Floridians now… they do not appreciate January’s winds blowing them around the yard.  In fact, Ron and I have spring fever too! Many thanks to Ronovan Writes for hosting this excellent Haiku challenge.  Join in! Haiku is []

Word Snap Weekly–Emerald Grasses

  It’s Sunday and that means it is time for the Unique Art Chic Weekly Word Snap Challenge, hosted by the lovely, Amanda!  Is anybody ready for spring?  I know I am!  I could not believe how spectacular the new spring grasses were growing alongside the road.  My haiku is a perfect fit to welcome warmer temperatures.  Come on Spring! I am ready for you to get here! Thanks for stopping by this Sunday.  I will see you all again!