Silver Thoughts & Goals

I woke up this morning to grey skies and heavy humidity. With the air conditioner on inside the house, the windows outside dripped with moisture. At 6:30 am it was 72 degrees F. here in Pensacola, Florida. Although, I do love the heat and humidity that is part of my… Continue reading

Ephemeral Fairy Swamp

Fairy Swamp is changing quickly here in Pensacola, Florida, as emerald leaves frame this image in time.  The bright green leaves of spring will soon give way to the cool darkness of the summer swamp.  The leaves and vines will soon be thick, making it near impossible to see into… Continue reading

The Swamp Fairy–The Gift of Spring

Friday, March 20, 2015 dawned wet and foggy. Moisture clung to the screens covering the patio. Thick fog distorted the shapes of the trees. Miss Hilda, Silver, and Bronze sat outside sipping hot coffee in the misty morning light. The mocking birds created a riot of noise while the chirps… Continue reading

The Swamp Fairy – Emergence from the Chrysalis 2/14/15

Continued from The Swamp Fairy – Deciphering the Code (Image credit: Heart Stone) …The heart stone was right where Miss Hilda had said it would be, encircled by the pink blooming fetterbush. I could hear words whispered to me, in a voice I knew to belong to the Swamp Fairy…. Continue reading

RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #31 Wait&Move

Click here to find out more about Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge.  Thanks Ronovan for hosting such a great event. My Haiku this week is part of my Swamp Fairy story also, and links here. (Image credit: Heart Stone) Pause and look due north – as the heart stone reads… Continue reading

Spring at Fairy Swamp

Tiny pink fairy slippers tremble in the foggy morning breeze, all the while foretelling the tale of the swamp fairies – from cocoons all nestled in Live Oak leaves that swirl and dangle high up in the trees. Spider web lace dances in the sun, as naked tree reflections sparkle… Continue reading

The Swamp Fairy– “New Moon Madness”

The weather had turned exceedingly cold since the beginning of the new year.  Cold, cold mornings made it difficult for me to walk the two miles to visit with Miss Hilda.  Today, dawned clear and much warmer than it had been in a long time.  I waited until the sun… Continue reading

Word Snap Weekly–The Winter Swamp

It’s Sunday and that means it is time for Amanda, from Unique Art Chic’s Weekly Word Snap Weekly Challenge! A unique weekly challenge, designed to inspire creativity from photographers, visual artists and creative writers. There are no formal themes or set prompts, you are free to choose your own –… Continue reading

The Song of the Swamp Fairies

Darkness descended dragging a veil of foggy gloom, as Fairy Swamp came alive with a chorus of frogs and insects singing the stories of the day. Lightening flickered in shadowy clouds flitting across the inky black sky. Tiny glowing translucent wings rose above the slough, With heartbeats syncing and beating… Continue reading

The Swamp Fairy–The Fairy Ring

Here it is Thanksgiving Day and I still have not had any further contact from my little swamp fairy.  With all the holiday preparations, and the fact that I threw my back out, I have not been able to get back to that little hedge to see if she is… Continue reading