Fantasy vs. Magical Realism

In the quest to define the genre of my novel, The Heart Stone Chronicles – The Swamp Fairy, I stumbled across a definition of a genre I had not previously explored. It is called magical realism. Although I have categorized my novel into the fantasy realm, after further reflection, I do believe it falls more … Read more Fantasy vs. Magical Realism

The Swamp Fairy – My First Book is Under Construction NOW!

My excitement continues to grow as my book is beginning to take form. This will be my first novel, and as many of you know, my inspiration came from my blog posts called, “The Swamp Fairy.” Here then, is a blurb for my book jacket, as was suggested by The Daily Post: “One autumn day, … Read more The Swamp Fairy – My First Book is Under Construction NOW!

Word Snap Weekly–Spring in Fairy Swamp

One of my favorite events of the week on WordPress is Word Snap Weekly hosted by the lovely Amanda, of Unique Art Chic.  Click here to find out more about this event. Today, I would like to share a photo and an excerpt from my story, The Swamp Fairy – The Gift of Spring.  The … Read more Word Snap Weekly–Spring in Fairy Swamp

The Swamp Fairy–The Gift of Spring

Friday, March 20, 2015 dawned wet and foggy. Moisture clung to the screens covering the patio. Thick fog distorted the shapes of the trees. Miss Hilda, Silver, and Bronze sat outside sipping hot coffee in the misty morning light. The mocking birds created a riot of noise while the chirps of crickets blended into the … Read more The Swamp Fairy–The Gift of Spring

The Swamp Fairy–The Fairy Journal

Miss Hilda and Silver sat in the garden enjoying a glass of iced tea watching the cardinals and the blue birds play in the bird bath. Large fat bees bumbled along in the hot breeze, buzzing, as they flew in circles looking for pollen on flowers that had not fully opened up yet in the … Read more The Swamp Fairy–The Fairy Journal

The Swamp Fairy-Through the Horse-Hole

It was March 5th, 12:05 P.M. the night of the Full Worm Moon, and Miss Hilda and I stood at the horse-hole in my backyard shivering, partly from excitement, although the cold north wind had something to do with it also. The white orb radiated a soft glow in the backyard, and we could easily … Read more The Swamp Fairy-Through the Horse-Hole

Save Fairy Swamp!

I would sure like to be lying on the beach today… if it was warm that is.  Our warm temperatures turned quite cold as another cold front swept through our area today.  I am worn out!  We are now at the last of the painting with only the living room and dining room left to … Read more Save Fairy Swamp!

Spring at Fairy Swamp

Tiny pink fairy slippers tremble in the foggy morning breeze, all the while foretelling the tale of the swamp fairies – from cocoons all nestled in Live Oak leaves that swirl and dangle high up in the trees. Spider web lace dances in the sun, as naked tree reflections sparkle and shimmer in the waters … Read more Spring at Fairy Swamp

Word Snap Weekly– Dreaming of Fairy Swamp

It is the start of another magnificent week in our blogging world, and that means it is time for Amanda’s Word Snap Weekly!  This is where we writers combine our photography with words to make stunning miniature photo essays.  Join us and see what creativity bubbles forth from your inner muse! My dreams of Fairy … Read more Word Snap Weekly– Dreaming of Fairy Swamp

The Swamp Fairy–“Fairy Houses”

After the Winter Solstice celebration, life seemed to settle down through the end of the year. That was fine by me. I had plenty to ponder and wonder about concerning the events that transpired with the Swamp Fairy the end of 2014.  Now we were at the beginning of a new year. In my mind, … Read more The Swamp Fairy–“Fairy Houses”

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