The Blogger Recognition Award – A thank You to Bloggers Who Support So Generously

I received a lovely award from Sally Cronin yesterday called the Blogger Recognition Award. This originated with Stevie Turner, which migrated to Sally Cronin, and on to me. I haven’t accepted awards on my blog for years now, but it was a thrill to be thought of in this way. Thank you for your kindness, … Read more The Blogger Recognition Award – A thank You to Bloggers Who Support So Generously


Thank you for helping me celebrate International Fairy Day. It was a grand celebration, and I am curious to hear if there were any fairy sightings where you live. You can keep the celebration alive year round by remembering that magic is everywhere if you just look for it. I am happy to announce that … Read more THANK YOU!

Thank YOU!

I would like to thank each of the wonderful bloggers who wrote such engaging articles for me while I was on vacation the last few days. We have such an amazing and diverse blogging community here on WordPress. We all benefit from meeting new folks, reading different viewpoints, and learning a few new things. At … Read more Thank YOU!

Silver Thoughts & Goals

I woke up this morning to grey skies and heavy humidity. With the air conditioner on inside the house, the windows outside dripped with moisture. At 6:30 am it was 72 degrees F. here in Pensacola, Florida. Although, I do love the heat and humidity that is part of my little piece of paradise. While … Read more Silver Thoughts & Goals

Blog Boogie Saturday Awards

When I first came up with the idea to do a 70’s themed Blog Boogie I thought I would just do a quarterly version where I could introduce the blogging world to all of the great bloggers out there that I come across daily. However, I have recently been nominated for my 12th, 13th, and … Read more Blog Boogie Saturday Awards

Thank YOU!

I find it is time to thank the many new and old friends that follow my journey through Silver Threading.  You all inspire me and propel me forward in my writing.  Thank you for reading and commenting.  Your words of encouragement are felt by me and everyone else that reads my blog.  Thank you! I … Read more Thank YOU!

200 POSTS!!!

I just published my 200th POST!  Thanks for taking this incredible journey with me! Love from, Silver Threading!

Thank YOU!

Today’s Assignment in Blogging 101: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it. All of my readers are what you would call my “dream reader,” so I will take advantage of this opportunity to thank you all for coming along on this exciting journey with me.  I appreciate your … Read more Thank YOU!

Thank YOU!

  (Sharing a photo of Pensacola Beach in Pensacola, Florida on this hot, sunny August day) I love being part of the writing community here at WordPress.  The help and spirit of mentorship I have received from Linda G Hill at who sponsors a weekly Stream of Consciousness Saturday writing challenge, and “Ronovan Writes,” … Read more Thank YOU!

Thank YOU for Being YOU!

I must thank all of you for following my Silver Threading journey.  I was quite excited to see that I have over 100 followers now.  I know that is probably not much to most of you who have been doing this for awhile, however, I am humbled. I love being part of this writing community.  … Read more Thank YOU for Being YOU!

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