Mindful Monday: Gratitude

To me, Mindful Monday encompasses the act of being watchful, aware, wary, heedful, alert, careful, or attentive, in whatever area in my life I feel it applies to. Today, I feel the need to stress just how much “Gratitude,” should figure into your mindfulness-equation when you are self evaluating yourself and setting goals. Reciting gratitude … Read more Mindful Monday: Gratitude

Do Yourself a Favor…

The other day I read the best article by Martha Beck, “To You, From You,” published in the December 2014, Volume 15, Number 12 issue of The Oprah Magazine.  Martha and I have something in common – we both have a dislike of the holiday gifting ritual found at this time of year.  Don’t get … Read more Do Yourself a Favor…

Gratitude Sunday–Patience, a Great Virtue

Today is the day that I like to remind myself of the many things I am grateful for.  I participate in Colline’s Gratitude Project.  You can participate too! My gratitude this week goes to anyone and everyone who is patient.  Patience is a virtue that few people seem to cultivate anymore.  If you are patient, … Read more Gratitude Sunday–Patience, a Great Virtue

Gratitude Sunday–What Are you Grateful For This Week?

Colline from Colline’s Blog, hosts a weekly Gratitude Project challenge that I really enjoy participating in.  This post helps to ground me and reassess myself each week.  It is exhilarating! Thanksgiving is right around the corner which should leave everyone excited in the anticipation of a fine meal.  In addition, we should explore as a … Read more Gratitude Sunday–What Are you Grateful For This Week?

When Opportunity Knocks…

This is submitted as part of Colline’s blog and her Gratitude Project: On this amazing Sunday I must say that I am grateful for opportunities. You know the kind I mean. The ones that you don’t see as an opportunity at first, and you take the step anyway, and it ends up becoming something astounding! … Read more When Opportunity Knocks…

An Attitude of Gratitude

I scanned this page from the November 2014 edition of the “Oprah Magazine,” p. 129, because it illustrates how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude that fits everyone.  I knew Colline, and her Gratitude Project were on to something when I found her blog, and Oprah backs up her findings. What am I grateful for … Read more An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude Sunday–Holidays

As part of Colline’s Gratitude Project, I would like to say how thankful I am for holidays.  Halloween is just around the corner and I dearly miss the days when my children were still home getting ready for Trick-or-Treat.  I loved carving pumpkins and all the fuss that came at that time of the year. … Read more Gratitude Sunday–Holidays

Gratitude Sunday

Colline, of Colline’s Blog, sponsors a weekly Gratitude Project where she encourages us to be mindful of what we are thankful for each week. This week I am thankful for the cool breezes blowing into our little part of the world – Pensacola, Florida.  It has been an excruciatingly hot summer here in the northwestern … Read more Gratitude Sunday

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