Happy Thanksgiving from Silver Threading

To all of you who are part of my on-line family: I hope your Thanksgiving is spent with loving family, great wine, and fabulous friends. I am thankful for all the wonderful connections we share! Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge–Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice missed last week because their Mom had too much to do and she did not share their weekly snooze fests.  They missed seeing all the smiles that their pictures bring.  I promised both of them that I would share their photos this week. Spice says “hello” from her favorite chair with the … Continue reading Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge–Sugar and Spice

Gratitude Sunday–What Are you Grateful For This Week?

Colline from Colline’s Blog, hosts a weekly Gratitude Project challenge that I really enjoy participating in.  This post helps to ground me and reassess myself each week.  It is exhilarating! Thanksgiving is right around the corner which should leave everyone excited in the anticipation of a fine meal.  In addition, we should explore as a … Continue reading Gratitude Sunday–What Are you Grateful For This Week?

Cranberries–The Jewels of Autumn

Do you love cranberries?  I do!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the top season for cranberries.  They actually grow on bushes in bogs where the water is used to insulate them against the cold of brutal winters.  Once the bog is drained in the spring, the bushes produce the rich red berries. This … Continue reading Cranberries–The Jewels of Autumn

Autumn Musings

I see it is that time of year again – Fall, Autumn… pumpkin everything!  Everywhere I go all I see is preparations for holiday celebrations.  Facebook and Pintrest make me gain weight every time I glance at their luscious recipes for cookies, cakes and donuts.  Yes, Halloween donuts.  Apparently hosting a Halloween donut decorating party … Continue reading Autumn Musings