The Sisters of the Fey, #Double #Etheree

I’ve been remiss in my poetry writing. Somehow, with all the writing I do, you would think I could fit in my own challenge… So, today I did! It’s the first of the month, so poets get to choose their own words – No synonym’s unless you want to add them.

What have I been doing with my time? Writing, of course! The first book in the Sisters of the Fey is almost finished. Then, I can get into the editing portion before I send it off to my editor.

I haven’t written a book blurb yet, but here is the gist of the the story. (Please understand, that this is rough and will probably change). The Sisters of the Fey is a group blog I compiled from a group of my authorly friends who love all things magical, including the fey, as much as I do. The two books will illustrate how I imagine we met in our past lives. Purely fiction, it has been great fun to write.

“The first wave of the Byzantine faith has found its way into the back country of Russia, forcing the people to abandon their beliefs in the old ways of magic. The mother goddess, the ancestors, and Tatiana, the Queen of the Rusalki Fey have conspired to bring together eight Slavic witches to save the old ways. The eight women align with the Rusalki Fey and set out on a journey to stop Brother Basil, a Vukodlak werewolf from destroying the land and the people they love.”

“The Sisters of the Fey”

We are a circle within a circle
with no beginning, never-ending.
Connected by invisible 
threads of love which carry us
when we're most defenseless
and supports us when
we're strong. Sisters
spinning our
Air, Fire,
and Water,
guard our spirits
on this full moon night.
Bind us with powerful
love and healing light
to guide us on
our journey
to save
The good neighbors visited my home Thursday night. This image has not appeared again. In fact, as soon as I snapped this photo, the vision was gone. This is how you see into the realm of the faery. ❤