“A Mother’s Song,” Crapsey cinquain trio, #TankaTuesday

For our #TankaTuesday challenge this week, Vashti Q. Vega, selected an excellent theme—a lullaby. I wasn’t sure what I would write, so I just let the words flow… don’t think of this as something sad. Instead, think of it as good memories.

My children and grandchildren are all grown and scattered all over America. They all have their own lives and we don’t connect with them often. It’s their choice. Blended families have different issues to cope with and some things just are what they are. Every once in a while I unpack those feelings… then, I put them back again. This was one of those times. ❤

"A Mother's Song"

sweet slumber songs
to this dear babe of mine
let fairy kisses grant wishes
dream deep

think of
the blessed days 
wrapped in my loving arms
holding you closest to my heart
dear lamb

memories call—
when you were oh so small,
I miss those days when you needed
me most...

© Colleen M. Chesebro
Now, I’m a CAT mom!

“The Circle of Life” #Senryu

This week for our poetry challenge, I chose the theme, “the circle of life.” On Monday, I’ll reblog someone’s poem and offer them the opportunity to choose the theme for next month. I like the idea of more participation and choice by the challenge participants. This should be fun!

The use of themes is a fun way to write poetry when the muse doesn’t want to speak to you. I discovered a lovely site full of themes at literarydevices.net.


We haven’t talked about Senryu for a long time. Remember, they are the sister or brother to Haiku, but instead of being nature related, they are often humorous or filled with irony.

The same rules apply to this form as they do in Haiku. Traditional Senryu is 5/7/5, current Senryu is 3/5/3, or 2/3/2.

I like the irony found in the phrase, “the circle of life.” Translate that feeling into human emotions and responses. Remember, the Senryu’s complete focus is on humans and how we behave.

I like the transition from the various syllabic forms starting with the traditional to the current forms. I’ll do that below.

The Circle of Life

Those who mistreat you
often catch on too late when
they need you the most.


The haters
realize too late
they need you.


lose sight of
your worth.

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro